Corona Brasov Wolves – Hokiklub 5-1 (2-0, 2-1, 1-0)

Corona Brasov Wolves met Hokiklub Budapest on the home ice, a team that contains players of all ages. Brasov’s team dominated the game during the first period through strong attack and had several scoring occasions besides the goals that were scored.

Not even 30 seconds after the start of the game, Corona opened the score through Lidhammar: 1-0. The second goal was scored thanks to the offensive game approached by the “wolves” who increased their advantage through Dorofeev in min. 14’03”.
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Corona Brasov Wolves – UTE 0-3 (0-0, 0-2, 0-1)

Two of the teams that aspire to the Erste League play-off qualification met on the ice of the Olympic Ice Rink in Brasov: Corona Brasov Wolves and UTE.

The game was pretty balanced during the first period and each team proved its domination without scoring any goal. The game did not change until the second period when the guests scored in min. 31’12”.
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Corona Brașov vs CSM Galați : 8-7 (2-1, 1-4, 4-2, 1-0)

A game counting for the National Championship with many goals, with twists and turns regarding the score and lots of suspense till the end took place at the Olympic Ice Rink in Brasov between Corona Brasov Wolves and CSM Galati. The guests were the first who scored but until the end of the first period the score was turned in the favor of the wolves already thanks to Andrei Vasile (min. 09,15) and Trancă (min. 10,56), so the score became 2-1.

After the first break, it was the turn of the team from Galati to take the lead so the score became 2-4 after they scored three consecutive goals. Until the end of the second period, both of the teams scored once again (Carlson scored the game for the “wolves” in min. 32,33) so at the second break the scoring board was indicating 3-5.
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Corona Brașov Wolves won both games with Sportul Studențesc

The Ice Hockey National Championship scheduled on the Olympic Ice Rink in Brasov 2 games between Sportul Studentesc and Corona Brasov Wolves. As it was already expected, Brasov’s team dominated and won both of the games: 16-4 on Saturday and 13-2 on Sunday. Both of the games were played by the U20 players in order to let the other players in the senior team rest. The goals from the first game were scored by: E.Mihaly (5), A. Vasile (3),
R. Fetes (2), I. Chițac, Dorofeyev, O. Biro, N. Fetes, Z. Molnar, Bahensky, while in the second game the goals were signed by: A. Vasile (3), R. Fetes, Norbert Fetes, E. Mihaly (2), Zoltan Molnar, Zsombor Molnar, B. Peter, R.Vasile, I. Chițac (2).
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