Thank you, Logan!

The canadian defender Logan Stephenson has amicably terminated his contract with our club (due to personal problems).

The experienced defender was a constant presence in “line 1” and evolved for Corona Brașov in 21 games in the Erste League (scoring 17 points: 2 goals and 15 assists).

In this way we thank him for the evolution in our team jersey and we wish him success in his carrier!

Corona Brașov – UTE: 11-6 (3-1, 6-4, 2-1)

In a new game counting for the regular season of the Erste League, our team managed to defeat UTE with a score of 11-6, at the end of a very spectacular game.

For our team scored:

☑️The first period

– 02’03 “: Peter Balazs (Daniel Trancă, Levente Zsok);

– 02’20 “: Cody Fowlie (Nelson Armstrong, Logan Stephenson);

– 17.09 “: Sam Labreque;

☑️The second period

– 21’11 “: Roberto Gliga (Daniel Trancă, Otto Biro);

– 22’22 “: Zsombor Molnar (Gergo Biro);

– 29.01 “: Wacey Rabbit;

– 36’40 “: Daniel Trancă (Levente Zsok, Peter Balazs);

– 37.09 “: Wacey Rabbit (Mircea Constantin);

– 38’10 “: Peter Balazs (Daniel Trancă);

☑️ Third period

– 40’44 “: Mircea Constantin (Wacey Rabbit, Jared Brown) at his first goal in the” wolf pack “

– 56’05 “: Wacey Rabbit (Otto Biro);

Thus, our team consolidates its 2nd place in the Erste League standings, being 3 points away from the occupying 3rd place, FTC Telekom Budapest.

For the “wolves” a new trip follows in Hungary, with games scheduled against DEAC (November 29), UTE (December 1) and FTC Telekom (December 2).

Corona Brașov climbs to the 2nd place of the Erste League after 4-3 SO (1-1, 1-1, 1-1, 1-0) against FTC Telekom

Our team met the “en-title” champion of the Erste League tonight: FTC Telekom Budapest.

It turned out to be a beautiful, open game with many opportunities to wear on both sides.

Also, within our team was recorded a debut, the striker Mircea Constantin (transferred yesterday from ACSH Gheorgheni) being sent on the ice by coach Julius Penzes.

In the minute 09’54” the guests managed to open the score (after a counter attack in numerical inferiority).

“Wolves” quickly balanced the game, in the minute 11’47″ Canadian defender Sam Labreque scoring a goal, after a very good pass from Levente Zsok.

The score after the first period: 1-1.

In the second period the first to score were our players, the goalkeeper Cody Fowlie managing to achieve a numerical superiority in the 29’08” (assisted by the couple of defenders Nelson Armstrong and Logan Stephenson).

Towards the end of the second period, the guests managed to draw 2-2.

And in the third period, both teams managed to score a goal.

 After the guests took the lead on the scoreboard in the 45’24”, the” wolves “quickly equalized – in the 45’45” – through Wacey Rabbit (assisted by Jared Brown and Cody Fowlie).

The score after the regular playing time was 3-3.

They went on to the extra 5 minutes, but neither team was able to claim their victory.

Thus, the winner was set to “shoot-out”.

It took 10 separate shots for each team to determine the winner.

For our team the decisive goal was scored by Daniel Trancă (who scored 9 goals scored for “wolves” this season).

After this victory our team climbs to the 2nd place of the Erste League, counting so far a number of 42 points in 21 games, with one point more than FTC Telekom (but FTC has two less disputed games than us) .

The series of “wolves” in Brasov continues tomorrow, from 6.30 pm, with a new game against a spectacular opponent: UTE.

Welcome, Mircea Constantin!

Our club signed a contract with striker Mircea Constantin (24 years) for the rest of the season.

Mircea Constantin, one of the important players of the national team, has played so far on the team ACSH Gheorgheni (from which he amicably separated by terminating the contract).

The 24-year-old player, 180 cm. and 94 kg. was born in Bucharest on October 2, 1995.

He started hockey at Steaua București as one of the most talented players of his generation.

For Steaua București he evolved in the national hockey championship until the 2017/2018 season (with a break in the 2016/2017 season, when he was in the team of Komoka Dragons and Tillsonburg Hurricanes of the Canadian GMHL league).

In the 2018/2019 season he played in Erste Liga, for the ACSH Gheorgheni team, managing a number of 27 points in 56 regular season games (13 goals and 14 assists).

Also, for Gheorgheni’s team he scored 40 points (14 goals and 26 assists) in 28 games during the regular season of the national championship.

In this season, Erste Liga has played in 18 games, with ACSH Gheorgheni, scoring 4 points.

He is a member of the national senior team, for which he has played so far in 10 games of Div. I B, made his contribution, in the spring, to the qualification in the second step of the world hockey.

Earlier this month he was in the national team’s squad for the “Baltic Cup” tournament, played in 3 games and managing to score a goal.

Mircea Constantin is a technical striker, a good scorer and we expect to help our team in meeting our team’s goals this season.