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CSM Corona Brasov – Gyergyoi HK 2-5 (1-1, 1-1, 0-3)

Tonight, our team lost the 7th game of the quarter-finals against ACSH Gheorgheni, with a score of 2-5 (1-1, 1-1, 0-3).

For our team they scored Daniel Trancă (assisted by Peter Balazs and Ede Mihaly), respectively Cody Fowlie (assisted by Cody Carlson and Albert Zagidullin).

Despite many unavailability, our team fought until the last minute of this series. We also thank the fans of our team for their support during this season of the Erste League.

Now, the “wolves” will continue their journey in the National Championship of Romania, where they will defend their title won last season.

The remaining games of the regular season of the national championship will be announced in due time.

Corona Brașov wins in Gheorgheni and brings the decisive game of the quarter-finals to Brașov

Yesterday, our team had a very good game and defeated ACSH Gheorgheni in the 6th round of the final round of the Erste League.

Final score: ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona Brașov: 1-2 (1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 0-1).

After the hosts opened the scoring in the first period, in the 22”58’’ Zach Franko (assisted by Daniel Trancă and Zsombor Molnar) managed to equalize at 1-1.

It was the last goal of the first 60 minutes, none of the teams managed to win during the regular time.

Thus, we went to the extra half of 20-minute extensions (teams playing 4 vs. 4).

Our team managed to control the extension period, being the team that attacked the opponent’s gate more.

Thus the goal of our victory came logically, on the domination of the “wolves”, after 04’57” from overtime Zsombor Molnar (assisted by Jared Brown) managed to score, bringing the decisive game to Brasov.

The  7th game of this quarter final will be played on Friday, March 06, in Brasov, starting at 18:30.

The winning team will enter the Erste League semifinals.

Being a very important game for the Brasov hockey we expect you at the ice rink to support the “wolves” to victory.

The quarterfinals of the Erste League: Corona Brașov – ACSH Gheorgheni also on equal score after four games.

The series of the quarter finals of the Erste League between our team and ACSH Gheorgheni continued with two games on the ice rink in Gheorgheni.

If on Friday our team gave up the score of 2-5, today the “wolves” prevailed with the score of 4-1, equaling the series at 2-2.

Thursday, February 28: ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona Brașov: 5-2.

For our team scored:

– in 11’00”: Zsombor Molnár (assisted by Peter Balázs and Daniel Trancă).

– in 28’25’’: Nelson Armstrong (assisted by Cody Fowlie).

Saturday, February 29: ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona Brașov: 1-4.

For our team scored:

– in 09’41”: Cody Fowlie (assisted by Albert Zagidullin).

– in 13’24”: Albert Zagidullin (assisted by Cody Carlson and Nelson Armstrong).

– in 36’41”: Roberto Gliga (assisted by Cody Carlson and Cody Fowlie).

– in 59’34”: Nelson Armstrong.

The series will continue on Monday, in Brasov, from 6:30 pm, with game 5.

The quarterfinals of the Erste League: Corona Brașov – ACSH Gheorgheni equal after two games

After two games in the quarter finals of the Erste League, played in Brașov, our team is on par with ACSH Gheorgheni.

Yesterday, in the first game of the series, Corona Brașov won with the score of 3-2 returning from 0-2.

The goals of our team were scored at the end of the game, as follows:

  • in 53’15”scored Cody Carlson, assisted by Zsombor Molnár.
  • in 56’10”, Peter Balázs equalized for 2-2 from Daniel Trancă’s pass.
  • in 59’15”, the same Peter Balázs scored the victory goal from Daniel Trancă’s pass.

Today, in the second game of the series, our team was defeated with a score of 2-3 overtime.

Again the guests managed to score two goals but the “wolves” managed to come back in the game with 2 goals towards the end of it.

After a 15-minute break, they entered in the extension round and the guests took advantage of numerical superiority and managed to score the “golden goal”.

For our team they scored:

  • in 47’17”- Albert Zagidullin (assisted by Daniel Trancă).
  •  in 55’07”- Pavlo Borysenko (assisted by Roberto Gliga).

The series of this quarter final will continue in Gheorgheni, Friday and Saturday, with two other games, 3 and 4, the fifth game will be held in Brasov in 2nd of March.