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Romanian Cup in ice hockey will be held in Brasov

Brasov Olympic Ice rink will organize Romanian Cup in ice hockey between 18-22 December.

The teams will be divided in two groups:

Group A:
– Corona Brașov
– ACSH Gheorgheni
– Sportul Studențesc

Group B:
– CSM Galați.
– Sport Club Miercurea Ciuc
– Steaua București
– HC Marton Aron “Sapitentia” Sândominic

Will keep you posted with more details!

Results of the training tournament in Slovakia

☑️ Our team played three games in three days in front of some valuable opponents, resulting in two defeats and one victory (but with a very good game of our team in all three games). It was a very good test for the new season.

☑️Results: Slovakia U20 – Corona Brașov: 6-5 (1-1 / 1-1 / 4-3);
HC Detva – Corona Brașov: 2-0 (1-0 / 0-0 / 1-0);
Corona Brasov – HK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas: 3-2 (SO) (0-2 / 0-0 / 2-0 / 1-0);

☑️ Our team’s scorers for this tournament:

– Zsombor Molnar, 3 goals; – Peter Balazs, 2 goals; – Cody Fowlie, 1 goal; – Pavlo Borysenko, 1 goal; – Daniel Trancă, 1 goal (decisive goal scorer at SO in the last game).

Wacey Rabbit and Nelson Armstrong started the ice practice today


In addition to the two Canadians who trained under Julius Penzes last week (Chase Harrison and Cody Fowlie), starting today, the other two Canadians who signed contracts with our team are on the ice: striker Wacey Rabbit (32 years) and quarterback Nelson Armstrong (25 years).

  During tomorrow the team will travel to Detva (Slovakia), for the three games of the training tournament that will be held between August 15-17.

☑️ We remind you that the “wolves” will play on August 15 against Slovakia U20, on August 16 against HK Detva and on August 17 against HK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas.

The first transfers are on the ice

Two of the Canadians who signed contracts with our team, quarterback Chase Harrison (22 years old) and striker Cody Fowlie (26 years old) have already arrived in Brasov and are training on the ice of the Olympic Rink with the rest of the team.

Coach Julius Penzes will be training in a few days and the third Canadian, striker Wacey Rabbit (32 years old).

In the next period he will also arrive the latest transfer of the team, the defender Nelson Armstrong (25 years) and our team is going to sign contracts with two other players to finalize the group of players on which will be based on Julius Penzes for next season.