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High quality game at the Brasov Olympic Ice Rink between Corona and Ferencvaros TC. It was the last game for the “wolves” in the Erste Liga Master-Round, honored as it should in front of an enthusiastic crowd, who applauded his favorites and acclaimed them in the scored goals. The first one belonged to Corona Brasov, in min. 16’34 ”, when Gliga scored: 1-0, the final score of the first half, clearly dominated by Brasov.

The same happened in the second part of the game, when the “wolves” have already scored twice through Gliga in min. 20’36 ” and M. Biro in min. 29’39 ”. After 3-0 in the first two rounds, the guests decided to play in the third part of the game, managing to reduce the handicap in min. 54’00 ”. Even so, the Brasov team did not give up the initiative, continued to fight to secure their winning and the goal of Peter B. in the naked net with 50 ” before the end, fixed the result of the game: 4-1 and Brasov hopes, further on, 4th position in the Erste Liga, according to the results of the other teams.

“Basically, our goal has been reached in this stage, finishing in 3rd position. It remains to be seen how we will tackle the games in the play-off of Erste Liga. Our team seems to be in increasing shape, both goalkeepers have made very good game. I am glad to see the summer workout was good for us in the sense that we did not have injuries, the physical condition of our players being very good after the probably 80 matches played so far. “- Emilian Cernica, president of the Corona Brasov hockey section

Corona Brasov Wolves – SC Miercurea Ciuc 5-2 (1-1, 2-0, 2-1)

The Olympic Ice rink in Brasov was full of fans who attended the game between the best teams in Romania in the competition of Erste Liga. Corona Brasov and SC Miercurea Ciuc provided an attractive game in which the home team played very well, determined and undefeated.

The score was opened by Brasov team in min. 18’00 ” through Molnar Zoltan, after which Miercurea Ciuc equaled in only 21 ” difference. The second half belonged totally to the “wolves” who made a hockey demonstration for the audience’s delight. The score of the second half, 2-0, reflects the total domination of the hosts who scored through Mark Lee in min. 28’06 ” and Tranca Daniel in min. 34’07 ”.

In the last half, the game was equally spectacular with phases especially at the guests’ net. Daniel Tranca increased the advantage in min. 53’21 ”, after which Miercurea Ciuc scored in min. 54’14 ”. The last goal of the game belonged, however, to Corona Brasov, whose author was Peter B. in min. 57’47 ” and Corona earns a clear victory that keeps it in fourth place in the Erste Liga Master Round.

The next game of Corona Brasov in this competition will be Thursday, February 21st, with Ferencvaros TC team. Until then, the Brasov team will play at home with CSHC Marton Aron on Monday, February 18, at 18.30.

Corona Brasov Wolves – UTE 1-3 (1-0, 0-3, 0-0)

The game between Corona Brasov and UTE started well for the “wolves”, who made a good first half in front of a striking opponent. As a result, Brasov team opened the score in min. 12’02 ” by Lidhammar.

The Brasov guys still dominated the game and had the opportunity to increase their advantage, but they did not manage to score. In the second half, UTE dominated and in 6 minutes scored 3 times, returning the score: 1-3. In the last part of the game, the “wolves” tried to shrink the disadvantage but did not succeed, the game being quite balanced.

Final score 1-3 and Corona is now preparing for the game with SC Miercurea Ciuc on Sunday, February 17 at 17.00 in the Olympic Ice Rink.

Corona Braşov won clearly against Sportul Studentesc

Two games between Corona Braşov and Sportul Studenţesc took place in the National Championship this weekend on the Olympic Ice rink in Brasov. As expected, Braşov team was frankly imposing on both games, all the more so as the coaches did not clean up the “heavy” pieces, which thus scored the most goals. In both games, Corona Braşov scored 41 goals.

In the first game: Corona Braşov – Sportul Studenţesc 21-2 (10-0, 3-2, 8-0). For Corona scored: Lee (4), Tendler (4), Lidhammar (3), Carlson (3), A. Mihaly (2) B. Peter (2), E. Mihaly, Haraga, Bica. In the second game: Corona Braşov – Sportul Studentesc 20-0 (4-0, 10-0, 6-0). The Corona goals were scored by: Lidhammar (3), Lee (2), Tendler (2), Peter B. (2), Gajdo (2), Carlson, Peretiagin, A. Mihaly, Bors, Nagy, Zsok, E. Mihaly.

In the National Championship standings, Corona Braşov is ranked III with 68 points out of 27 disputed games. The next Braşov team game in The National Championship is scheduled on February 18, with Marton Aron at home.