Beginning with victory for our team in the new season of the Erste League!

Corona Brasov started with a victory in the new season of Erste Liga, managing to defeat on his own ice the team of Schiller Vasas with the score of 4-1 (3-1, 0-0, 1-0).

Contrary to the course of the game guests managed to open the score in the 13’23 minute by Kristof Schmal. But the “wolves” reacted very well, managing to equalize in the 16’35 minute “by Wacey Rabbit (assisted by Ede Mihaly). In the 17’31 minute ”Peter Balazs brought our team to the advantage (assisted by Daniel Trancă and Logan Stephenson). In the 17’51 minute ”Molnar Zoltan (assisted by Gergo Biro) managed to increase the score to 3-1, with a spectacular shot. There was a second half without goals, but with a quality hockey from both teams.

In the third period – in min. 48’26 “of the game – Canadian J.F. Plante managed to score 4-1, after a nice phase to which Gergo Biro and Levente Zsok also contributed.

Final score, 4-1 for Corona Brasov.

The game was preceded by the presentation of the T.H.L. U12 by the juniors of our club, the presentation of the team and a special moment: the official withdrawal of Arpad Mihaly, this being also awarded with a trophy from the fans for the entire period spent with our team, trophy handed out by Attila Bende, one of the the most famous wolf supporters. On this occasion the number 24, number carried by Arpad Mihaly to our team for five seasons was withdrawn.

We remind you that this season Arpad Mihaly is the manager of our team.

The next game will take place on Sunday, September 15, against Miercurea Ciuc against the local team, a game that will count for both Erste Liga and the national championship of Romania.

Debut with two victories in the national championship of Romania!

In the debut of the national championship “wolves” had scheduled yesterday and today games against the team Sportul Studentesc Bucharest.

The games were considered “on the move” but they were played on the ice of the Olympic Ice Rink Brasov.

In the first game, played yesterday starting at 18:30, our team prevailed with the score of 17-2 (5-0; 5-0; 7-2).

The goals of our team were scored by:

Daniel Trancă (5), Wacey Rabbit (3), Peter Balazs, Biro Matyas, Pavlo Borysenko, Cody Fowlie, Balazs Gajdo, Roberto Gliga, Zsombor Molnar, Logan Stephenson and Rareș Vasile.

In the second game, played today starting at 11:00, the score was 17-1 (7-0, 5-0, 5-1) in favor of our team.

Our team included in the scoaring list: Peter Balazs, David Szabo, Matyas Biro (3), JF Plante (3), Ede Mihaly (2), Gajdo Balazs (4), Levente Zsok (2) and Andrei Haraga.

It should be noted that in the Sportul Studentesc team , the twin brothers Robert and Norbert Fetes, players originating from Târgu Secuiesc but trained by Corona Brașov, also evolved in the attack.

Julius Penzes: “I do not want below the semifinals of the Erste League!”

Before the start of the new season, our team coach gave an interview for the blog “”.

We also retrieve the statements of Julius Penzes for our fans:

“We started the preparations relatively early with the local players.

At first we worked on land, then, from August, we trained on ice. The foreign players have gradually joined and now we have six such players under contract.

I hope we achieve what we set out to do. Now we’re working on our game tactics. As it is known, we have replaced all foreign players and based on what we have seen so far I am satisfied with the selection of new players.

The national championship will be at a better level than the previous seasons.

Better players have arrived at the Romanian teams and they will help to increase the championship level.

And the Erste League will be better and more balanced this season.

Last season we left the league in quarters but this season I would like at least a semi-final but – why not? – we could go even further.

I trust native players, they are constantly improving their game.

I think we will have a good team, in which each one has a well defined role.

It is hard to predict who could win the Erste League.

All teams are balanced and it is not known who will have the “winning” card.

Corona Brasov will debut in the new season of the National Championship of Romania

On September 11, Corona Brasov will debut in the new season of the National Championship of Romania, disputing on the Olympic Ice Rink in Brasov – starting at 6:30 pm – a game (considered “away game”) against the Sportul Studentesc.

The second day, on September 12, starting at 11:00, the second game of this first “double” of the National Championship is scheduled in the company of the same team, Sportul Studentesc.

On September 13, at 6:30 pm, our team debuts in front of their fans in Erste Liga, having scheduled the inaugural game in this competition in the company of Schiller-Vasas HK.
However, fans are requested to arrive at the Brasov Olympic Ice Rink on September 13 starting at 18:00, for the official presentation of the lot and a truly special surprise that will surely delight them.

On September 15, the first trip of the season is scheduled, at Miercurea Ciuc, for the “derby” with the local team, a game that will count in both Erste Liga and the National Championship of Romania.