Change of coaches at Corona Brașov.

Corona Brașov reached an amicable termination of contracts with coaches Julius Penzes and Ondrej Rusnak, due to tensions accumulated in the team, in the last months.

Our club thanks Julius Penzes for all he has accomplished in Brasov.

Julius Penzes will remain in the Romanian hockey team as national team coach.

Corona Brasov will be taken over by Canadian coach Dave MacQueen (age 61).

He will be assisted, from the position of assistant coach and player, by Levente Zsok who is part of our team since its formation.

Corona Brașov will meet ACSH Gheorgheni in the quarter finals of the Erste League

Today the quarter finals of the Erste League have been established.

Corona Brașov, who finished the “Round of the Winners” (Master Round) in 3rd place, was the third team that chose his opponent.

The winner of the “Master Round”, the Hungarian FTC Telekom team, chose as its opponent the Fehervari Titanok team (8th place).

In second place in the “Master Round”, Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák chose his UTE team (7th place).

Our team chose as an opponent the ACSH Gheorgheni team, which finished in 6th place (1st place in the “Defeat Tour”).

For the last quarter final, the teams DEAC (4th place) and SC Miercurea Ciuc (5th place) remained.

The quarterfinals will be played in the “best team in 7 games” system.

Corona Brașov will debut in this series of quarterfinals on the Olympic Rink in Brașov, Monday, February 24, at 6:30 pm, following that the second game of the series will also be held in Brasov, Tuesday, February 25, at 18:30.

Then the series will continue with two games in Gheorgheni, followed by gameses 5 and 7 (if needed) to take place in Brașov (data will be announced later).

We expect you at the ice rink to support the “wolves”.

Corona Brașov – Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák: 6-3 (3-1, 1-1, 2-1)

In the last game of the “Master round” of the Erste League our team got a spectacular new victory, defeating the team Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák with a score of 6-3.

With this victory our team climbs to second position in the standings.

The “Wolves” opened the scoring in the 5’00 minute of the game, through Levente Zsok, who excellent speculated a “pressing” phase of Jared Brown that forced the opposing players to make mistakes.

In the 13’45”, even though our team was evolving in numerical inferiority, the Captain, Roberto Gliga managed to score from Zsombor Molnar’s pass.

In the 16’28”, the same Levente Zsok managed to score for 3-0, being assisted by Ede Mihaly and Albert Zagidullin.

In the last minute of the first period, the guests reduced the difference. Score after the first period: 3-1.

Even though in the 24’41” the guests managed to approach to a goal difference, the” wolves “replied quickly and in the 25’46” when Zach Franko scored for 4-2 (assisted by Cody Carlson and Cody Fowlie ).

Score after two periods: 4-2.

In 46’16” the guests again managed to approach to a single goal difference, but the end of the game belonged to the” wolves “.

In 49’02”, Peter Balazs managed to complete a numerical superiority with a spectacular goal, assisted by Daniel Trancă and Albert Zagidullin.

In 58’34”, our team’s scorer: Cody Fowlie scored in the empty net for 6-3 (assisted by Zach Franko and Levente Zsok).

Thus, even though our team started the “Master Round” of the league with 2 points, it finishes this phase of the competition with a “dowry” of 15 points and – even if it met the best 4 teams of the league – with positive goal scoring: +4 (27-23).

Now we have to wait for the last games of this phase of the competition and follow the choice of the opponent in the quarterfinals.

Corona Brașov – DEAC: 4-1 (0-1, 3-0, 1-0)

This evening, on the ice of the Olympic Rink, was a very spectacular new game, our team defeating the Hungarian team DEAC with the score of 4-1 and thus ascending to the 3rd place of the “Master Round” of the Erste League.

If after the first period the guests were leading with a goal, in the second period the “wolves” came in on the ice extremely mounted and did not give any chance to the opponents.

It was a game dominated by our players, who sent no less than 23 shots at the gate of DEAC (against only 8 opponents) and scored 3 goals.

The first time scored the Captain Roberto Gliga, in the 27’48 minutes of the game, with a spectacular shot (after a pass received from Gergo Biro).

In the 35’02”, Zsombor Molnar completed a numerical superiority phase with a goal, assisted by Daniel Trancă and Albert Zagidullin.

The last goal of the second period was scored in the 38’27”, also by the Captain Roberto Gliga, assisted by Cody Fowlie and Cody Carlson.

Score after two halves: 3-1.

In the third period, the “wolves” tried to keep their advantage, however, towards the end of the game the game was animated.

In the 58’39”, the guests received a penalty shot, defended by our goalkeeper Patrik Polc.

In the 59’25”, Nelson Armstrong set the final score, scoring in the empty goal from a long distance. He was assisted by Patrik Polc, who is in his fourth goal this season.

For our team a new trip is coming tomorrow (to Cârța), for a game counting for the regular season of the National Championship against Sapientia U23.

On Saturday, from 6:30 pm, in Brasov, we will receive the visit of Sapientia U23 for a game counting in the National Championship and  for the Erste League will return on the ice of Brasov on Monday, from 6:30 pm, when our team will play the last game of the “Master Round” , against the Hungarian team Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák.