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Romanian Cup 2019/2020: groups and schedule

Between December 18-22, the Brasov Olympic Rink will host the tournament counting for the Romanian Cup 2019/2020.

The teams were divided into two groups (depending on the position occupied in the national championship 2018/2019) as follows:

 Group A:

– CSM Corona Brașov;

– ACSH Gheorgheni;

– Student Sport;

Group B:

– CSM Galați;

– Sport Club Miercurea-Ciuc;

– CSA Steaua Bucharest;

The program is as follows:

December 18th:

– CSM Galați vs. CSA Steaua Bucuresti;

– CSM CORONA BRAȘOV vs. Sportul Studentesc;

December 19th:

– Sport Club Miercurea-Ciuc vs. CSA Steaua Bucuresti;

– ACSH Gheorgheni vs. Sportul Studentesc;

December 20:

-CSM Galați vs. Sport Club Miercurea-Ciuc;

– CSM CORONA BRAȘOV vs. ACSH Gheorgheni;

December 21st: break day;

December 22nd:

– the small final (2nd place in Group A vs. 2nd place in Group B);

– BIG FINAL (1st place in group A vs. 1st place in group B).

* Subsequently, the hours of the games will be communicated.

Corona Brasov Wolves – SC Miercurea Ciuc 3-2 (1-0, 2-2, 0-0)

A tight and excited game on the ice of the Olimpic Ice Rink in Brasov, was played among the best teams in Romania, Corona Brasov and SC Miercurea Ciuc, who both faced this game in Erste Liga regular season and the National Championship.

The game was spectacular, with many phases running in speed at the two gates. “Wolves” opened the score in min. 6’17 ” through Biro Gergo. In the second half, there were not less than four goals scored, two of each team.

The guests equalized the score in min. 23’01 ”, after which Corona returned to the advantage due to Peter Balasz’s success (min. 24’54 ”).
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Corona Brasov Wolves – Kanada Hokiklub Budapest 1-3 (0-3, 0-0, 1-0)

Erste Liga game between Corona Brasov and Hokiklub Budapest on the Olympic Ice Rink was played tonight. The Hungarian team was keen to win their first game and took a very good start, scoring in the 3’04 ” minute.

By the end of the first half, the score was in favor of the guests: 0-3. The game was an incarcerated one, with many irregularities and also with many penalties.

The only notable element in the second half was the penalty shot, given in the 35’05 ” minute to the guests, but defended by Toke.
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Corona Brasov Wolves – Vienna Capitals II 8-4 (4-0, 2-1, 2-3)

A game with many goals on the Brasov Olympic Ice Rink, between Corona and Vienna Capitals II. Brasov team had a very good start and scored 4 goals in the first period by Molnar Zsombor (min. 2’51 ”), Gergo Biro (min. 9’31 ”), Tranca Daniel (min. 19 ‘ 07 ”) and Peter Balasz (min. 19’55 ”). The domination of the “Wolves” continued in the second half, even if the guests scored their first goal in this half, min. 23’34 ”.
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