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Welcome in the „wolfpack” Albert Zagidullin!

Albert Zagidullin (30 years old), a hockey player already established in Romanian hockey, has reached an agreement with our club, at least until the end of this season. He is a fast, incisive and a technical hockey player.

The 190-centimeter and 95-kilogram striker comes from ACSH Gheorgheni, after a termination of the contract jointly agreed with the Harghita team (who will be our main opponent in Group A of the Romanian Cup).

For ACSH Gheorgheni has evolved this season in 14 games in the Erste League (where he scored 12 points: 7 goals and 5 decisive passes) and 13 games in the National Championship of Romania (where he scored 14 points: 13 goals and an assist).

He came to the Romanian hockey last season, at CSM Galați (after evolving 250 games in the VHL – the “hockey stage” of Russia).

For Galati, he evolved in the regular season of the 2018/2019 national championship in a number of 35 games (scoring 88 points: 41 goals and 47 decisive passes).

In the play-off he was part of the Galati team in 7 games (scoring 8 points: 2 goals and 6 decisive passes).

He established himself in the Romanian hockey as a player with very spectacular performances and a major goal scorer.

We can expect him to score goals through fantasy performances, which will delight the stands.

Albert will debut in the “wolves” jersey at the Romanian Cup, a competition that our team will fight to win in front of their fans, during December 18-22.

CSM Corona Brașov – HK Budapesta: 5-4 SO (1-2, 1-1, 2-1, 1-0)

Tonight, our team managed to win two points after the victory, in the shoot-out, in front of the Hungarian team HK Budapest.

Until the 11’33” our team was led with two goals, but in the 15’48” Cody Fowlie completed a great phase to which Nelson Armstrong and Jared Brown also contributed.

In the 28’22”, the captain, Roberto Gliga completed a phase of numerical superiority, equaling to 2-2 (was assisted by Nelson Armstrong and Sam Labreque).

However, the visiting team managed to score two goals in the 35’02″and 49’02”, taking again the lead.

The reply of the “wolves” was not expected for a long time, Daniel Trancă (51’33”, assisted by Pavlo Borysenko) and Mircea Constantin (54’57”) equaling 4-4.

After the 60 minutes of the regular time the score was 4-4, so went to the halftime of OT.

As neither team managed to score in the OT, they went on to shoot-out.

Our team prevailed, the victory goal being scored by captain Roberto Gliga.

Following the charity event “De Sarbatori, daruieste un zambet”, this year at the 8th edition, over 70 bags filled with toys were collected, which will be donated in the coming days to the orphanages in Brasov (we return with details). Saturday’s events also included a mini-recital by the Compact B band, which we thank for their involvement without financial claims in this charity event.

“Wolves” return with three points from Hungary

Corona Brașov returns with 3 points from Hungary, after a victory with UTE and two games lost to DEAC and FTC Telekom Budapest.

☑️DEAC – Corona Brașov: 6-3 (2-1, 3-2, 1-0).

 For our team scored:

– Levente Zsok (Daniel Trancă, Pavlo Borysenko);

– Gergo Biro (Otto Biro, Zsombor Molnar);

– Zsombor Molnar (Otto Biro, Huba Bors).

UTE – Corona Brașov: 1-9 (0-3, 1-2, 0-4)

For our team  scored:

– Cody Fowlie (Wacey Rabbit, Pavlo Borysenko);

– Levente Zsok (Jared Brown);

– Jared Brown (Nelson Armstrong, Sam Labreque);

– Pavlo Borysenko (Daniel Trancă, Peter Balazs);

– Pavlo Borysenko (Daniel Trancă);

– Levente Zsok;

– Roberto Gliga (Gergo Biro, Zsombor Molnar);

– Jared Brown;

– Zsombor Molnar (Roberto Gliga);

FTC Telekom – Corona Brasov: 4-0 (2-0, 2-0, 0-0)

The next games of our team will take place in Brasov, on December 6 against Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák and on December 7 against HK Budapest.

Corona Brașov – UTE: 11-6 (3-1, 6-4, 2-1)

In a new game counting for the regular season of the Erste League, our team managed to defeat UTE with a score of 11-6, at the end of a very spectacular game.

For our team scored:

☑️The first period

– 02’03 “: Peter Balazs (Daniel Trancă, Levente Zsok);

– 02’20 “: Cody Fowlie (Nelson Armstrong, Logan Stephenson);

– 17.09 “: Sam Labreque;

☑️The second period

– 21’11 “: Roberto Gliga (Daniel Trancă, Otto Biro);

– 22’22 “: Zsombor Molnar (Gergo Biro);

– 29.01 “: Wacey Rabbit;

– 36’40 “: Daniel Trancă (Levente Zsok, Peter Balazs);

– 37.09 “: Wacey Rabbit (Mircea Constantin);

– 38’10 “: Peter Balazs (Daniel Trancă);

☑️ Third period

– 40’44 “: Mircea Constantin (Wacey Rabbit, Jared Brown) at his first goal in the” wolf pack “

– 56’05 “: Wacey Rabbit (Otto Biro);

Thus, our team consolidates its 2nd place in the Erste League standings, being 3 points away from the occupying 3rd place, FTC Telekom Budapest.

For the “wolves” a new trip follows in Hungary, with games scheduled against DEAC (November 29), UTE (December 1) and FTC Telekom (December 2).