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Erste Liga: “Master round” and “play-off” regulations

Following the place obtained in the regular season, the first 5 teams will enter the “Master round” as follows:

– each team will have  a score according to the place obtained in the regular season: place 1: 6 points; 2nd place: 3 points; 3rd place: 2 points; place 4: 1 point; 5th place: 0 points;

– With this “starting” score, each team will play two games (one at home and one away) with each team in the “Master round”.

– the points collected in the 8 games of the “Master round” will be added to the starting score (6-3-2-1-0).

– will result in a final score, which will be taken into account for establishing the play-off.

☑️  Quarterfinals:

– Following the ranking of the “Master round” and “Qualification round” (where the teams ranked 6-10 and from which only the first 3 teams will qualify in the quarters will participate), the final quarters of the Erste Liga will be established.

Thus, the teams ranked on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of the “Master round” will choose their opponent for the quarterfinals (in order, the 1st place chooses the first, the 2nd place, the third place 3rd), from the teams ranked on the 5th– 8th place (the team ranked 5th in the “Master round” and the 3 qualified teams in the “Qualification round”).

The team that will be ranked 4th in the “Master round” will play in the quarterfinals with the team remaining unelected after the first 3 teams have chosen their opponent.

The quarterfinals will be decided by a series “the best team in 7 games”, the team best ranked after the “middle season” starting the series with two games “at home” (and if it is reached in the decisive game of the series will have again the advantage of own ice).


Of the 4 teams remaining in the competition, the best ranked after the “middle season” will play with the lowest ranked, and the remaining two teams will play between them.

Again, a series of “the best team after 7 games” will be played, and the best ranked team will start the “home” series.


The two remaining teams will compete in the Erste league finals.

The final will also be played in a series of “the best team after 7 games”, and the best ranked team will start the “home” series.

Corona Brasov Wolves – SC Miercurea Ciuc 3-2 (1-0, 2-2, 0-0)

A tight and excited game on the ice of the Olimpic Ice Rink in Brasov, was played among the best teams in Romania, Corona Brasov and SC Miercurea Ciuc, who both faced this game in Erste Liga regular season and the National Championship.

The game was spectacular, with many phases running in speed at the two gates. “Wolves” opened the score in min. 6’17 ” through Biro Gergo. In the second half, there were not less than four goals scored, two of each team.

The guests equalized the score in min. 23’01 ”, after which Corona returned to the advantage due to Peter Balasz’s success (min. 24’54 ”).
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Corona Brasov Wolves – Vienna Capitals II 8-4 (4-0, 2-1, 2-3)

A game with many goals on the Brasov Olympic Ice Rink, between Corona and Vienna Capitals II. Brasov team had a very good start and scored 4 goals in the first period by Molnar Zsombor (min. 2’51 ”), Gergo Biro (min. 9’31 ”), Tranca Daniel (min. 19 ‘ 07 ”) and Peter Balasz (min. 19’55 ”). The domination of the “Wolves” continued in the second half, even if the guests scored their first goal in this half, min. 23’34 ”.
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The “Master-round” schedule of Erste League was established

Corona Brasov Wolves, qualified in the “Master Round”, has the following schedule of games:

January 24th – with Miercurea Ciuc, away;

January 28th – with DEAC Debrecen, at home, 6.30PM;

January 31st – with UTE, away;

Febuary 1st – with FTC, away;

Febuary 3rd – with DEAC Debrecen, away;

Febuary 13 – with UTE, home, 6.30 PM;

Febuary 17 – with Miercurea Ciuc, home, 5.00 PM;

Febuary 21st – with FTC, home, 6.30 PM.

After this phase of the competition, by adding the first three teams from the Qualification Round (which engages teams 6-11 at the end of the regular season), will be known all the teams that will play the first phase of the play-off, respectively the quarter finals.