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Corona Brasov, one win and one defeat with CSM Galati

On the ice of the Brasov Olimpic Ice rink, in the National Championship, were played two games between Corona Brasov and CSM Galati. The first game was overwhelming, with many phases at the two gates. Galaţi, who came in Brasov with the clear intention of winning, had two very good periods, on the background of many misses of the “wolves”, so they were leading 3-1 before the last break.

In the last part of the game, however, the Brasov team was much more determined, much more insistent, and quickly managed to score equal, at 3, a score that was retained until the end of the 60 minutes. The Corona goals were scored by Molnar Z., Tranca and Tendler.

There was a 5-minute overtime, no goal, so it was passed to penalty shoot-outs. Corona Braşov won, managing to scored twice, through Tranca and Tendler, against a single goal scored by the guests. Final score: 4-3 (0-1, 1-2, 2-0, 0-0, 1-0) for Corona Braşov.

The second game ended with a clear victory of the team from Galati, which finished with 6-3 (2-4, 1-1, 0-1). The goals of the Brasov team were scored by Gliga, Carlson and Tranca.

Corona Braşov holds the first place in the regular season, with 81 points, out of 33 games played, followed by CSM Galaţi, 79 points, 30 games played and SC Miercurea Ciuc, 77 points out of 34 games.

Corona’s next game in the National Championship is scheduled today, Wednesday 13th March, also in Brasov, with Steaua Bucuresti.

The “Master-round” schedule of Erste League was established

Corona Brasov Wolves, qualified in the “Master Round”, has the following schedule of games:

January 24th – with Miercurea Ciuc, away;

January 28th – with DEAC Debrecen, at home, 6.30PM;

January 31st – with UTE, away;

Febuary 1st – with FTC, away;

Febuary 3rd – with DEAC Debrecen, away;

Febuary 13 – with UTE, home, 6.30 PM;

Febuary 17 – with Miercurea Ciuc, home, 5.00 PM;

Febuary 21st – with FTC, home, 6.30 PM.

After this phase of the competition, by adding the first three teams from the Qualification Round (which engages teams 6-11 at the end of the regular season), will be known all the teams that will play the first phase of the play-off, respectively the quarter finals.

Corona Brasov Wolves – DEAC 1-6 (0-0, 0-4, 1-2)

The starting home game in Erste Liga, didn’t brought the Wolves victory that everybody was expecting.

After a first period without goals, the guest team was the one that scored no less then 4 goals and continued the good work in the beginning of the third period as well, when they scored another two.

By the end of the game, Corona managed to balance the period by Tendler’s goal in minute 51’40”. In this game, Corona was missing two defense men, Cody Carlson and Garrett Clarke, both suspended.

Final score 1-6 and Brasov’s team has to revenge their crowd Sunday at 5 PM in the next home game against Vassas.

The first game of the “Wolves” on the Olympic Ice Rink in Braşov in the Erste League this season is happening today!

After three games disputed away, where they won 6 points, The wolves came back to play the first games of the 2018-2019 edition of Erste League in front of their own crowd.

Greg Lindqvist, the head coach of the “Wolves” in this season mentioned: “ Today we will meet a freshly re-attended team in Erste League, after one year of absence, a team which looks good on the paper and which also has a great mix of players and a top goalie. We will have a spectacular game where we will do our best to get a victory, especially as it is the first game in this competition in front of our fans, at home”

Our team’s opponents will be DEAC Debrecen on Friday, the 21st of September (6:30pm) and Schiller-Vasas HC on Sunday, September 23rd (5:00pm)