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Corona Brașov – DEAC: 3-1 (1-0, 2-0, 0-1)

After a spectacular, cursive game with many opportunities, our team managed to defeat the DEAC team with a score of 3-1.

The “Wolves” opened the scoring in the 03’18” of the game, with Biro G. making Pavlo Borysenko’s shot into the guest’s door. Daniel Trancă also participated in the goal.

Even though they dominated the first period, our players failed to score, entering the break with minimal advance.

In the second peeriod, in the 29.08”, Daniel Trancă managed to score the goal 2-0, being assisted by Gergo Biro and Peter Balazs.

In the 34’43’’, Balazs Gajdo, a junior center  player in our senior team, managed to score his first goal in the Erste Liga (assisted by Zoltan Molnar and Matyas Biro).

Score after two periods: 3-0 in favor of our team.

The third period continued in the same dominating note of our team but those who scored were the guests, enjoying a double numerical superiority in the last minute of the game through Akos Berta.

It should be noted that our players sent no less than 43 shots at the guest gate.

Our team still ranks 4th in the Erste Liga, with 16 points after 8 games (and goal scoring 32-23).

Tomorrow, from 6:30 pm, we will meet on the ice of the Brasov Olympic Rink the Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák team.

The “wolves” come back with three points from the first trip in Hungary

Schiller Vasas – Corona Brașov: 4-3 (1-1, 3-1, 0-1).

Scores: Z. Fliszar (2), P. Hetenyi, M. Kovacs / Cody Fowlie, Wacey Rabbit, Peter Balazs.

The first trip of the season to Hungary started with an unexpected result.

The “wolves” met the Schiller-Vasas team, a team they had just defeated on their own ice with a score of 4-1.

Our players did not get very focused in the game and were led 4-1 after 36 minutes of play. Then they had to run after the tie and even though they sent 39 shots at the opponent’s gate, they had to leave the ice with a lost.

The assistant coach of our team, the Slovakian Ondrej Rusnak, said at the post-game press conference:

“It was a terrible game, we were not focused. It is always difficult to return a result after the opponents lead you 4-1. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not taking the confrontation too seriously. We tried to get back to the end but failed. Congratulations to Vasas, they played well and won well. “

Ferencvaros TC – Corona Brasov: 4-1 (1-1, 2-0, 1-0).

Scores: G. Nagy, M. Fitzgerald, R. Toth, A. Toth / Nelson Armstrong.

In the second game of the trip our team met the “en-title” champion of the Erste League, Ferencvaros TC.

Even though the “wolves” started the game very well by opening the score through defender Nelson Armstrong, the hosts took control of the game and won with a score of 4-1.

Fehervar Titanok – Corona Brasov: 4-5 (0-4, 3-0, 1-1).

Scores: A. Kovacs, A. Nagy, B. Balogh, M. Horvath / Chase Harrison, Cody Fowlie, Daniel Trancă (2), Wacey Rabbit.

In the last away game, today the “wolves” met the team Fehervar Titanok.

After a first period in which our players scored 4 goals (through Chase Harrison, Nelson Armstrong and Daniel Trancă twice), in the second period the hosts managed to score 3 times. 3-4, the score after two periods!

In the last period we managed to keep our advantage. Wacey Rabbit scored for 3-5, the hosts were close to 4-5, but the final score remained. After three games, the “wolves” return from Hungary with 3 points and the next game will be played on their own ice, on September 27, against Fehervar Titanok.

Julius Penzes: “I do not want below the semifinals of the Erste League!”

Before the start of the new season, our team coach gave an interview for the blog “jegkorongblog.hu”.

We also retrieve the statements of Julius Penzes for our fans:

“We started the preparations relatively early with the local players.

At first we worked on land, then, from August, we trained on ice. The foreign players have gradually joined and now we have six such players under contract.

I hope we achieve what we set out to do. Now we’re working on our game tactics. As it is known, we have replaced all foreign players and based on what we have seen so far I am satisfied with the selection of new players.

The national championship will be at a better level than the previous seasons.

Better players have arrived at the Romanian teams and they will help to increase the championship level.

And the Erste League will be better and more balanced this season.

Last season we left the league in quarters but this season I would like at least a semi-final but – why not? – we could go even further.

I trust native players, they are constantly improving their game.

I think we will have a good team, in which each one has a well defined role.

It is hard to predict who could win the Erste League.

All teams are balanced and it is not known who will have the “winning” card.

Today we present a new player who signed with our team, a 26-year-old Canadian “center”: Jean-François Plante


Today we present a new player who signed with our team, a 26-year-old Canadian “center”: Jean-François Plante.

Jean-François Plante was born in the Canadian city of Richmond, with a height of 185 cm. and 95 kilograms. From 2009-2014 he played in the Canadian Youth League QMJHL (for teams such as Shawinigan Cataracts, Rimouski Océanic, Sherbrooke Phoenix and Victoriaville Tigres).

In total he played 346 games in QMJHL (regular seasons plus play-off) and scored 180 points. He had an extraordinary last season in QMJHL (2013/2014). In the first part of the season he played at Sherbrooke Phoenix – where he scored 33 goals in 41 games and in the second part of the season he played for the Victoriaville Tigres team – where he was also one of the best scorers, managing to score. 19 goals and give teammates 16 decisive passes (35 points) in just 28 games. Very good developments in QMJHL brought him a scholarship from Moncton University.

At the Moncton University team, he played four seasons (2014-2018), being one of the best players on the team. In the 2016/2017 season he was the scorer of the USports league (with 28 goals scored) and was selected in the “ideal team” of the league. In fact, after that season, in April 2017, he received the title of best athlete of Moncton University.

He graduated from Moncton University in 2018 (graduating in Physical Therapy) but remained in the USports University League because he enrolled in a postgraduate program in Health Sciences and Physical Therapy at the University of Ottawa.

For the University of Ottawa team, last season he played in a total of 26 gmes in the regular season, managing to score 23 points (10 goals and 13 decisive passes). In the playoff he had 5 appearances, scoring a goal and scoring a decisive pass.

Jean-François Plante is characterized as a very fast and technical center and we hope to have a great contribution to our team for next season.