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Corona Brașov wins in Gheorgheni and brings the decisive game of the quarter-finals to Brașov

Yesterday, our team had a very good game and defeated ACSH Gheorgheni in the 6th round of the final round of the Erste League.

Final score: ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona Brașov: 1-2 (1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 0-1).

After the hosts opened the scoring in the first period, in the 22”58’’ Zach Franko (assisted by Daniel Trancă and Zsombor Molnar) managed to equalize at 1-1.

It was the last goal of the first 60 minutes, none of the teams managed to win during the regular time.

Thus, we went to the extra half of 20-minute extensions (teams playing 4 vs. 4).

Our team managed to control the extension period, being the team that attacked the opponent’s gate more.

Thus the goal of our victory came logically, on the domination of the “wolves”, after 04’57” from overtime Zsombor Molnar (assisted by Jared Brown) managed to score, bringing the decisive game to Brasov.

The  7th game of this quarter final will be played on Friday, March 06, in Brasov, starting at 18:30.

The winning team will enter the Erste League semifinals.

Being a very important game for the Brasov hockey we expect you at the ice rink to support the “wolves” to victory.

The quarterfinals of the Erste League: Corona Brașov – ACSH Gheorgheni equal after two games

After two games in the quarter finals of the Erste League, played in Brașov, our team is on par with ACSH Gheorgheni.

Yesterday, in the first game of the series, Corona Brașov won with the score of 3-2 returning from 0-2.

The goals of our team were scored at the end of the game, as follows:

  • in 53’15”scored Cody Carlson, assisted by Zsombor Molnár.
  • in 56’10”, Peter Balázs equalized for 2-2 from Daniel Trancă’s pass.
  • in 59’15”, the same Peter Balázs scored the victory goal from Daniel Trancă’s pass.

Today, in the second game of the series, our team was defeated with a score of 2-3 overtime.

Again the guests managed to score two goals but the “wolves” managed to come back in the game with 2 goals towards the end of it.

After a 15-minute break, they entered in the extension round and the guests took advantage of numerical superiority and managed to score the “golden goal”.

For our team they scored:

  • in 47’17”- Albert Zagidullin (assisted by Daniel Trancă).
  •  in 55’07”- Pavlo Borysenko (assisted by Roberto Gliga).

The series of this quarter final will continue in Gheorgheni, Friday and Saturday, with two other games, 3 and 4, the fifth game will be held in Brasov in 2nd of March.

Corona Brașov will meet ACSH Gheorgheni in the quarter finals of the Erste League

Today the quarter finals of the Erste League have been established.

Corona Brașov, who finished the “Round of the Winners” (Master Round) in 3rd place, was the third team that chose his opponent.

The winner of the “Master Round”, the Hungarian FTC Telekom team, chose as its opponent the Fehervari Titanok team (8th place).

In second place in the “Master Round”, Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák chose his UTE team (7th place).

Our team chose as an opponent the ACSH Gheorgheni team, which finished in 6th place (1st place in the “Defeat Tour”).

For the last quarter final, the teams DEAC (4th place) and SC Miercurea Ciuc (5th place) remained.

The quarterfinals will be played in the “best team in 7 games” system.

Corona Brașov will debut in this series of quarterfinals on the Olympic Rink in Brașov, Monday, February 24, at 6:30 pm, following that the second game of the series will also be held in Brasov, Tuesday, February 25, at 18:30.

Then the series will continue with two games in Gheorgheni, followed by gameses 5 and 7 (if needed) to take place in Brașov (data will be announced later).

We expect you at the ice rink to support the “wolves”.

The hockey players of Corona Brașov, were again a decisive part of the Romania national team

As we have already become accustomed to, the hockey players of Corona Brasov are decisive in the jersey of the national team of Romania.

For the pre-Olympic tournament in the United Kingdom, the Romanian team coach (and coach of the Corona Brașov team), Julius Penzes, selected a number of 9 “wolves”: goalkeeper Patrik Polc and Zoltan Toke, defender Pavlo Borysenko and forwards: Roberto Gliga (captain of the national team) , Daniel Trancă, Zsombor Molnar, Peter Balazs, Gergo Biro, Mircea Constantin.

Last but not least, the staff of the national team was completed with the lot manager (and vice president of the FRHG) Emilian Cernica, Alexandra Sampetru on the part of PR Social Media and physiotherapist Fabian Popa.

Corona Brașov players excelled at this tournament, being vital to Romania’s good game.

The goalkeepers paid off well, Patrik Polc defended in the games against Great Britain and Hungary, finishing the tournament with a very good percentage (90.91%) and Zoltan Toke was the winner in the last game, the victory against Estonia.

Defender Pavlo Borysenko was also one of the basic players, managing a pass to the 2-2 goal of the game against Hungary but also a goal in the victory against Estonia.

Forward Daniel Trancă became the goalscorer of the group, with 5 goals in the 3 games (one goal against Great Britain and Hungary and 3 goals against Estonia).

Roberto Gliga – the capitain of the team was, as usual, the leader that the national team needs and that kept the team united and motivated throughout the tournament. Moreover, Roberto grew in the spirit of the national team of Romania, his father, Marius Gliga, representing Romania with great success for 13 years (many years being the captain of the team) and being 8 years in the “staff” of the national team as second coach, head coach or team manager.

Now Roberto is following in the footsteps of his father, at 26 years old being in the 9th year in the jersey of the national team of Romania and for 4 years the captain of this team.

Striker Peter Balazs scored two goals: in the game against Great Britain and in the game against Estonia (both for his teammate Daniel Trancă).

And Zsombor Molnar contributed with two goals (and also Daniel Trancă’s goals): in the game against Hungary and against Estonia.

The striker Mircea Constantin scored a goal, in the game against Estonia.

After the tournament, coach Julius Penzes and captain Roberto Gliga said:

Julius Penzes:

“From my point of view it was a very good training tournament for us, it was a tournament where we got the experience of playing with very good teams. I am convinced that this experience will help us in the World Championship games. ”

Roberto Gliga:

 “It was a very good tournament for us, with great results with very good teams from world hockey. We were competitive and did not looked as a team just arrived in the 1A division. It is important to repair our mistakes and continue to be competitive in order to make a good appearance at the World Championship. Thank you, on behalf of the whole team and the staff, to all the supporters who made the trip but also to the home ones, for their support. “