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Corona Brașov – SC Miercurea Ciuc: 0-4 (0-3, 0-0, 0-1).

After Friday and Saturday’s victories against some good teams in the Erste League: 3-1 with DEAC and 9-2 with Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák, Corona Brașov did not win the same good game, being defeated “at home” by SC Miercurea Ciuc.

Guests’ goals were scored by Pelley, Taratukhin, Fodor and Becze.

For our team a new trip follows in Hungary, where it will meet, on their ice rinks: on October 10 UTE, on October 12 HK Budapest and on October 13 Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák.

Corona Brașov – Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák: 9-2 (3-0, 5-1, 1-1).

After yesterday’s victory against the DEAC team, our team managed a spectacular new win, managing to defeat one of the well-ranked teams of the Erste league, Hungarian team Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák, with a score of 9-2.

In the first period, which was completely at the discretion of our team, the “wolves” scored three times by:

☑️1-0: Nelson Armstrong, with a spectacular shot at numerical superiority of our team (assisted by Logan Stephenson and Cody Fowlie);

☑️2-0: Cody Fowlie, assisted by Nelson Armstrong and Matyas Biro.

☑️3-0: J.F. Plants, assisted by Cody Fowlie and Wacey Rabbit.

Also, our players had spectacular goalkeepers, including a bar – a shot from Logan Stephenson’s blue line.

The second period continued in the same note of total dominance of our team, the “wolves” manage to score 5 goals and receive one.

☑️4-0: Nelson Armstrong was able to complete a new numerical superiority with a super shot at the short corner (assisted by Wacey Rabbit and Logan Stephenson).

☑️5-0: Wacey Rabbit intercepted a puck at a time of numerical inferiority of our team and managed to score.

☑️6-0: Wacey Rabbit managed to score again, assisted by J.F. Plants.

☑️7-0: Daniel Trancă scored the second goal in numerical inferiority of our team, scoring on the counterattack.

☑️7-1: in the 20’07”, the guests managed to score their first goal, taking advantage of numerical superiority.

☑️8-1: J.F. Plante scored his second goal in this game, being assisted by Cody Fowlie and David Szabo.

In the third period, the coach of our team used a lot the lines 3 and 4 and thus the game was more balanced, each team scoring a goal.

Cody Fowlie scored 9-1 (assisted by Wacey Rabbit and Logan Stephenson) and the guests managed to score their second goal in the last minute of this game.

Of the players on our team, most points were scored by Cody Fowlie: 5 points: two goals and three goal passes and Wacey Rabbit also scored four (2 + 2).

On the occasion of this victory, our team climbed to the 3rd place in the Erste League standings, managing to surpass the opponents of this evening.

The next game will take place on Monday, from 6:30 pm, in Brasov, with SC Miercurea Ciuc team, for a “6-point derby” that will count in both the Erste League and the National Championship of Romania.

The first game of the “Wolves” on the Olympic Ice Rink in Braşov in the Erste League this season is happening today!

After three games disputed away, where they won 6 points, The wolves came back to play the first games of the 2018-2019 edition of Erste League in front of their own crowd.

Greg Lindqvist, the head coach of the “Wolves” in this season mentioned: “ Today we will meet a freshly re-attended team in Erste League, after one year of absence, a team which looks good on the paper and which also has a great mix of players and a top goalie. We will have a spectacular game where we will do our best to get a victory, especially as it is the first game in this competition in front of our fans, at home”

Our team’s opponents will be DEAC Debrecen on Friday, the 21st of September (6:30pm) and Schiller-Vasas HC on Sunday, September 23rd (5:00pm)