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CSM Corona Brașov raises champions for Romanian hockey!

After the reorganization of the “Children and Juniors Center” of the ice hockey department of Corona Brașov, it quickly became the best “hockey school” in Romania for the age groups U8 / U10, U12 and U14.

The co-optation in the technical staff of the junior groups of the best coaches in Romania, who implemented in Brasov modern methods of training and sports pedagogy, contributed especially to this fact.

The coaches of the junior “wolves” are:

Laszlo Kovacs;

Levente Elekes;

Rajmond Fülop (porter);

From last season was co-opted  coach Cristian Munteanu (who will also stay during the next season with the juniors of our club).

In recent years, the groups of children-juniors of the “Corona Brașov ice hockey” have had the following results at national and international competitions:

Age group U10

2016 – 2nd place at the “Dunaújváros-Santa Claus Cup – 10th edition” (Hungary) – international competition with participation from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

2017 – 1st place at the “Istanbul Cup” (Turkey) – international competition with participation from Turkey, Hungary and Romania.


“Age group U12”

2017 – 🏆 winners of the “THL U12 Cup” (* Transylvania Hockey League – league that brings together the best teams from Romania and Republic of Moldova in the age groups U12 and U14).

Season 2017/2018 – 4th place in the THL U12 championship.

Season 2017/2018 – 11st place in “Group B” of the Hungarian championship.

2018 –  winners of the THL U12 Cup.

2018/2019 season: in the THL U12 championship, the official accounting of the score was given up, but our team finished the season with only victories.

2019: winners of the THL U12 Cup.

Season 2019/2020: our team finished the THL U12 championship obtaining only victories (also without the official accounting of the score).

Season 2019/2020: the winners of a tournament in “K.M.L U12” (joint Hungarian-Romanian U12 league).

“Age group U14”

2018 –  winners of the THL U14 Cup.

Season 2018/2019 –  winners of the THL U14 championship.

Season 2018/2019 – 4th place in the Hungarian championship, the elite value group (6th place after the play-off).

2019 – winners of the THL U14 Cup.

Season 2019/2020 – winners of two tournaments in “K.M.L U14” (Hungarian-Romanian joint U14 league).

Season 2019/2020 – 2nd place in two tournaments in “K.M.L U14”.

2019/2020 season – the THL U14 championship was canceled due to the world pandemic of COVID 19, but until then our club’s U14 team had only won (including against some opponents from Ukraine).


Also, two of our club’s coaches: Laszlo Kovacs and Rajmond Fülop, were the “Team Romania U13” coaches at the prestigious Canadian U13 “Pee-Wee” competition (a real U13 World Championship) both in 2019 and in 2020 .

Legitimate players at CSM Corona Brașov were also part of the group that traveled to Canada for “Pee-Wee”, as follows:

Pee-Wee 2019 (10 players): Tudor Bolocan, Matei Bolocan, Tudor Nechita, Cristian Achim, Cezar Șendrea, Zsolt Mathe, Adam Bartis, Luca Moise, Alpar Kovacs, Krisztian Lusztig.

Pee-Wee 2020 (8 players): Tudor Bolocan, Matei Bolocan, Cristian Achim, Luca Moise, Călin Mardale, Zsolt Mathe, Tudor Capolna, Csaba Csiszer.

In 2019, “Team Romania U13” won the “Int-B” group of Pee-Wee (the best player of the team being the junior from Brașov, Tudor Nechita).

In 2020, “Team Romania U13” reached the semifinals of the “AA” group of Pee-Wee (the best player of the team being the junior from Brasov Matei Bolocan).

CSS Miercurea Ciuc U16 – Corona Brașov U16: 2-4 (0-1, 1-1, 1-2)

On November 17, in a game counting for the U16 national championship, Corona Brașov managed to defeat CSS  Miercurea Ciuc with a score of 4-2.

For our team they managed to score:

– Tudor Nechita, min. 09’57 “.

– Caesar Marian, 33’45 “.

– Mihaly Bakk, min. 55’33 ‘.

– Caesar Șendrea, min. 56’15 “.

For Corona Brașov U16 was the second game in the U16 national championship, in the first one our team was defeated away, at Cârța, by Felcsik SK.

The lot of Corona Brașov U16 for the 2019/2020 season is as follows:


– Marton Buda;
– Adam Bartis:
– Robert Veres;


–  Mihaly Bakk;
– Krisztian Lusztig;
– Daniel Diaconu;
– Lorand Gavrilă;
– Eduard Cârlan;
– Robert Brujan;
– Emilia Munteanu;
– Denis Pascaru;
– Tamas Soos;
– Eva Balazs;


– Tudor Nechita;
– Cezar Marian;
– Cezar Șendrea;
– Ioan Băcilă;
– Alpar Kovacs;
– Elod Kovacs;
– Timotei Coman;
– Eugen Butuc;
– Radu Moroșan;
– Cezar Gheorghe;

Coach:  Cristian Munteanu

Corona Brașov U14 started the new season of “T.H.L. U14” 2019/2020 with a win.

After the juniors of our team managed to defeat in the first stage of the competition the team “Royal Penguins ” from Sfântu Gheorghe with the score of 14-4, today they managed to defeat the team CSS Gheorgheni A with the score of 7-0.

We remind you that CSM Corona Brașov U14 is the “en-titre” champion of the THL U14 and the holder of the THL U14 Cup in the last seasons.

Corona Brașov U14, victorious in Group A of the THL Cup!

After last week the little U12 hockey players from Corona Brașov were awarded the “THL Cup”, today came the turn of the U14 group to make their debut in the cup.

Thus, Corona Brașov U14 managed to win “Group A”, held in Gheorgheni, after 3 victories, 47 goals scored and no goals received.


☑️Corona Brașov – CSS Gheorgheni II: 12-0;

☑️Corona Brașov – CSS Gheorgheni I: 4-0;

☑️Corona Brașov – CSM Odorheiu Secuiesc: 31-0;

Tomorrow, the young hockey players from Brasov will travel to Miercurea Ciuc for the cup semi-final, where they will meet the second place in “Group B”: CSS Miercurea Ciuc.