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SC Miercurea Ciuc – Corona Brașov 4-3 SO (1-1, 2-2, 0-0, 1-0)

Corona Brașov returns with a point from the first move of the season in the Erste League (and the national championship), from Miercurea Ciuc.

The hosts opened the scoring in the 2’42 minute by Canadian Josh Shalla.

Our team managed to equalize in the 9’52 minutes, in PK, through a powerful shot of Pavlo Borysenko, served ideally by Gergo Biro (also contributed by Canadian J.F. Plante).

Score after the first half: 1-1.

The first half of the second period belonged to the hosts, who split at 3-1 through Andrey Taratukhin (who took advantage of a double numerical superiority) and the Canadian Rod Pelley.

The reaction of the “wolves” did not delay and – in the 34’25” – Canadian defender Nelson Armstrong, assisted by Chase Harrison and Roberto Gliga, completed a numerical superiority with an unstoppable shot at the short corner.

In the 37’24” Pavlo Borysenko returns to Gergo Biro the service from the first goal and passes perfectly for 3-3.

Score after two halves: 3-3.

The third period was very hot but neither team managed to score, so they went into the O.T. 5 minutes.

In the O.T. the score remained unchanged, even though each team had numerical superiority.

Eventually the home team managed to award two of the three points to the shoot-out.

In the first break of the game there was the award ceremony and the award of the THL Cup for the U14 team of our club.

The two teams will meet, also at Miercurea Ciuc, on Tuesday, September 17, in a game that will only count for the national championship of Romania.

Corona Brașov U14, victorious in Group A of the THL Cup!

After last week the little U12 hockey players from Corona Brașov were awarded the “THL Cup”, today came the turn of the U14 group to make their debut in the cup.

Thus, Corona Brașov U14 managed to win “Group A”, held in Gheorgheni, after 3 victories, 47 goals scored and no goals received.


☑️Corona Brașov – CSS Gheorgheni II: 12-0;

☑️Corona Brașov – CSS Gheorgheni I: 4-0;

☑️Corona Brașov – CSM Odorheiu Secuiesc: 31-0;

Tomorrow, the young hockey players from Brasov will travel to Miercurea Ciuc for the cup semi-final, where they will meet the second place in “Group B”: CSS Miercurea Ciuc.

Debut with two victories in the national championship of Romania!

In the debut of the national championship “wolves” had scheduled yesterday and today games against the team Sportul Studentesc Bucharest.

The games were considered “on the move” but they were played on the ice of the Olympic Ice Rink Brasov.

In the first game, played yesterday starting at 18:30, our team prevailed with the score of 17-2 (5-0; 5-0; 7-2).

The goals of our team were scored by:

Daniel Trancă (5), Wacey Rabbit (3), Peter Balazs, Biro Matyas, Pavlo Borysenko, Cody Fowlie, Balazs Gajdo, Roberto Gliga, Zsombor Molnar, Logan Stephenson and Rareș Vasile.

In the second game, played today starting at 11:00, the score was 17-1 (7-0, 5-0, 5-1) in favor of our team.

Our team included in the scoaring list: Peter Balazs, David Szabo, Matyas Biro (3), JF Plante (3), Ede Mihaly (2), Gajdo Balazs (4), Levente Zsok (2) and Andrei Haraga.

It should be noted that in the Sportul Studentesc team , the twin brothers Robert and Norbert Fetes, players originating from Târgu Secuiesc but trained by Corona Brașov, also evolved in the attack.

Logan Stephenson – “wolf” in the 2019-2020 season

Today we present a new foreign player who will join our team for the 2019/2020 season, an experienced and massive Canadian defender – Logan Stephenson (33 years old).

StephLogan Stephenson is a native of Saskatoon, Canadian, with a height of 191 cm. and 93 kg.

☑️It is characterized as a defender who likes to get into physical duels, a very good skater and a player who greatly helps the attack through offensive climbs and individual penetrations to the opponent’s gate.

☑️A great part of the junior team spent it on the Tri-City Americans (WHL) team, being one of the team leaders.

In 2004 he was “drafted” by the Phoenix Coyotes (current Arizona Coyotes) in the second round of the “NHL draft.”

He didn’t make his debut in the NHL, but in 2006-2011 he played five consecutive seasons in the AHL (for teams like San Antonio Rampage, Iowa Chips, Rockford IceHogs and Adirondack Phantoms).

In total, he managed to evolve in 323 games in the AHL, scoring 36 points.

Since 2011 he has entered the European hockey circuit, transferring to the first Norwegian league with the Vålerenga Oslo team.

In the 2011-2012 season he checked 28 appearances in the regular season for Vålerenga, scoring 23 points (8 goals and 15 assists).

At the play-off he played 13 games and scored 7 points.

In the following season he signed for the Swedish team Karlskrona HK (which evolved into “Allsvenskan”, the second Swedish roster).

After 21 games in “Allsvenskan” he returned to the first Norwegian league, with Sparta Sarpsborg, for which he played 14 games (scoring 14 points) in the regular season and 6 games (scoring 4 points) at the play-off.

2013Season 2013-2014 he also spent at Sparta Sarpsborg for which he played 44 games and scored 23 points (7 goals and 16 assists).

☑️In the 2014-2015 season he transferred to the Japanese team Tohoku Free Blades (Asia League), where he played for the last 5 seasons.

In the 5 seasons of the Asia League he evolved in 189 games in the regular seasons (scoring 116 points – 36 goals and 80 decisive passes) and 21 games at play-off (scoring 13 points – 6 goals and 7 decisive passes).

In the 2014-2015 season he managed to win the Asia League with his team and in the 2015-2016 season he became the defender with the most goals scored in the entire league (17 goals).

Also, in the 2016-2017 season he was named in the “ideal line” of the Asia League.

☑️This season, Logan Stephenson has decided to return to European hockey and has chosen to accept our team’s offer!

Welcome to Brasov, Logan!