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Cody Carlson becomes “wolf” again!

One of our team’s most important players last season, Canadian defender Cody Carlson (28), decided to return to Brasov.

He terminated his contract with UTE and signed a valid contract until the end of the season with our team.

Cody Carlson is well known to our fans, wearing for the first time the “yellow-blue” jersey last season, when he became the champion of Romania with Corona Brașov.

He was also a very appreciated player in Brasov, for his fighting spirit, wastage of effort, very good physical game and shots from the “blue line”.

He had in our team an exceptional 2018/2019 season, scoring 32 points (4 + 28) in the regular season of the Erste League.

He also scored 39 points (14 + 25) in the regular season of the national championship and 4 points (2 + 2) in the play-off.

He started this season with the Hungarian UTE team, for which he has so far evolved in 23 games in the Erste League (scoring 9 points: 5 goals and 4 assists).

He will be on ice for our team starting with the Romanian Cup tournament (December 18-22, in Brasov), trying to win a new trophy for Brasov supporters.

Welcome in the „wolfpack” Albert Zagidullin!

Albert Zagidullin (30 years old), a hockey player already established in Romanian hockey, has reached an agreement with our club, at least until the end of this season. He is a fast, incisive and a technical hockey player.

The 190-centimeter and 95-kilogram striker comes from ACSH Gheorgheni, after a termination of the contract jointly agreed with the Harghita team (who will be our main opponent in Group A of the Romanian Cup).

For ACSH Gheorgheni has evolved this season in 14 games in the Erste League (where he scored 12 points: 7 goals and 5 decisive passes) and 13 games in the National Championship of Romania (where he scored 14 points: 13 goals and an assist).

He came to the Romanian hockey last season, at CSM Galați (after evolving 250 games in the VHL – the “hockey stage” of Russia).

For Galati, he evolved in the regular season of the 2018/2019 national championship in a number of 35 games (scoring 88 points: 41 goals and 47 decisive passes).

In the play-off he was part of the Galati team in 7 games (scoring 8 points: 2 goals and 6 decisive passes).

He established himself in the Romanian hockey as a player with very spectacular performances and a major goal scorer.

We can expect him to score goals through fantasy performances, which will delight the stands.

Albert will debut in the “wolves” jersey at the Romanian Cup, a competition that our team will fight to win in front of their fans, during December 18-22.

SC Miercurea Ciuc – Corona Brașov 4-3 SO (1-1, 2-2, 0-0, 1-0)

Corona Brașov returns with a point from the first move of the season in the Erste League (and the national championship), from Miercurea Ciuc.

The hosts opened the scoring in the 2’42 minute by Canadian Josh Shalla.

Our team managed to equalize in the 9’52 minutes, in PK, through a powerful shot of Pavlo Borysenko, served ideally by Gergo Biro (also contributed by Canadian J.F. Plante).

Score after the first half: 1-1.

The first half of the second period belonged to the hosts, who split at 3-1 through Andrey Taratukhin (who took advantage of a double numerical superiority) and the Canadian Rod Pelley.

The reaction of the “wolves” did not delay and – in the 34’25” – Canadian defender Nelson Armstrong, assisted by Chase Harrison and Roberto Gliga, completed a numerical superiority with an unstoppable shot at the short corner.

In the 37’24” Pavlo Borysenko returns to Gergo Biro the service from the first goal and passes perfectly for 3-3.

Score after two halves: 3-3.

The third period was very hot but neither team managed to score, so they went into the O.T. 5 minutes.

In the O.T. the score remained unchanged, even though each team had numerical superiority.

Eventually the home team managed to award two of the three points to the shoot-out.

In the first break of the game there was the award ceremony and the award of the THL Cup for the U14 team of our club.

The two teams will meet, also at Miercurea Ciuc, on Tuesday, September 17, in a game that will only count for the national championship of Romania.

Corona Brașov U14, victorious in Group A of the THL Cup!

After last week the little U12 hockey players from Corona Brașov were awarded the “THL Cup”, today came the turn of the U14 group to make their debut in the cup.

Thus, Corona Brașov U14 managed to win “Group A”, held in Gheorgheni, after 3 victories, 47 goals scored and no goals received.


☑️Corona Brașov – CSS Gheorgheni II: 12-0;

☑️Corona Brașov – CSS Gheorgheni I: 4-0;

☑️Corona Brașov – CSM Odorheiu Secuiesc: 31-0;

Tomorrow, the young hockey players from Brasov will travel to Miercurea Ciuc for the cup semi-final, where they will meet the second place in “Group B”: CSS Miercurea Ciuc.