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Corona Brasov Wolves – Ferencvatos TC 1-8 (1-3, 0-2, 0-3)

Corona Brasov faced on its own ice the up-to-date leader of the Erste Liga, Ferencvaros TC. The Brasov team played well in the first half of the game and especially in the first half of the first period.

Guests have opened the score in min. 6’26 ”, for Tendler to bring the equality in min. 10’26 ”. Brasov team kept up the offensive game until the end of the period with some good opportunities, but Ferencvaros hit another 2 goals before the first break (at least 11’38 ” and 19’19 ”).
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Corona Brasov Wolves – DEAC 6-3 (3-0, 2-1, 1-2)

It was a spectacular game between Corona Wolves Brasov and DEAC at the Olympic Ice rink, two teams that aspire to a better position in the playoffs.
Brasov’s team made a very good game, especially in the first two periods, that almost defined the game. In fact, Corona Brasov led 3-0 after the first half, with the goals scored by Peter B (min. 4’13 ”), Tranca, at the end of an exceptional individual action (min. 9’51 ”) and Lidhammar (min. 19’19 ”).
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Zdenek Bahensky has left Corona Brasov

After two months in which was injured and played less because of it, the Czech Zdenek Bahensky left Corona Braşov.

The player chose Mulhouse, the Ligue Magnus, the first league in France, and the departure from Brasov was made amiable, as Emilian Cernica, head of the Corona Braşov hockey section, told us:

“Bakensky wanted to leave, because he was the seventh import and wanted to play as much as possible. I understood him and the separation was done amicably. He chose a team from France, we want to wish him success and thank him for helping us.”

Corona Brasov Juniors U14 is qualified in Hungarian Championship

At the beginning of this year, both U14 and U12, Corona Brasov’s junior teams coached by Laszlo Kovacs, have participated to qualification games for Hungarian Championship. Both teams qualified in this competion, U12 on the first place and U14 on the second one.

The games in the regular season have been played in Brasov and the playoff oned will be played in Hungary.

In the regular season six teams have been qualified but only four will be chosen to play in the playoff with semifinals and final games. For U14 teams, the playoff will start in 24 of January, and each team will play one game against eachother.
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