2-2 “@general” after the first 4 games of the Erste League final.

After the first 4 games of the Erste League final, the tie is maintained.

If yesterday the “wolves” lost 0-5, today they managed an exceptional “comeback”, managing to come back from 0-3 and 2-4 and win in the extra time period with a “golden goal” scored by Huba Bors (excellently assisted by Pavlo Borysenko).

The game did not start very well for our team, the opponents leading with the score of 3-0 from the minute 10’18 “.

But the “wolves” did not give up and Cody Fowlie gave the signal to return, in minute 11’26 “, being assisted by Carlo Finucci.

Carlo Finucci would score the second goal of our team, in the minute 19’24 “, with a great player execution.

In the second period, in the 25th minute, on the background of a lack of synchronization in our attack, the opponents managed to score for 4-2.

After this, you could see that the players of Huba Bors were more interested in killing time than scoring more goals.

In the 38’41”, Zsombor Molnar, served excellently by the same Carlo Finucci (very inspired tonight) managed to overcome three opponents in speed and score for 3-4.

“Wolves” managed to enter excellently in the third period, Tomas Klempa equalizing at 4-4 in the 43’06 minute” (being assisted by Daniel Trancă).

Good minutes followed in which each team tried to give the “coup de grace”.

In the last minute of regular time, our goalkeeper Patrik Polc had a huge intervention in front of Jack Combs, who had been found with a pass in front of the goal.

This is how “over-time” came into play.

After 5 minutes in which both teams played offensive and “against”, Pavlo Borysenko finds Huba Bors perfectly, cleared in front of Macsim Samankov’s goal.

A “golden” game, which managed to erase the impression of yesterday’s defeat.

Now the series moves to Brașov, for game 5, on Tuesday at 18:30.

The first team to win two of the remaining three games will lift the coveted Erste League trophy over their heads.