A new victory for the “wolves” in the Erste League.

Tonight, CSM Corona “Wolves” Brașov managed its sixth victory (out of seven games played so far) in the Erste League, defeating – in Brașov – the Hungarian team Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák with the score of 8-3 (2-2, 4-1 , 2-0).

After the “wolves” were led from minute 2’38 “, our striker Tomas Klempa managed to equalize in minute 11’27 (being assisted by Carlo Finucci and Olivier Damme-Malka).

The guests took the lead again in the 13’18 minute “, but Radim Valchar (assisted by Cody Carlson) managed to equalize at 2-2, towards the end of the first period, in the 16’43 minute.

In the second period our players entered the game better, managing to break away at 4-2, quickly scoring two goals: in the 20’56 minute through Peter Balazs-Szabolcs (assisted by Daniel Trancă) and in the 25’40 minute through Huba Bors (assisted by Peter Balazs-Szabolcs and Pavlo Borysenko).

Even if the guests managed to score, in the 28th minute, the end of the period also belonged to the “wolves”, who managed to score twice, breaking away at 6-3.

Both goals were scored by Tomas Klempa in the 29th minute (assisted by Radim Valchar and Roberto Gliga) and in the 35th minute (assisted by Carlo Finucci).

The third period belonged entirely to the “wolves”, who scored two goals and set the final score at 8-3.

In the 53rd minute, Gajdo Balazs (assisted by Huba Bors) scored and in the 54th minute, Radim Valchar (assisted by Roberto Gliga) scored.

After seven games this season of the Erste League, our team managed to collect a number of 17 points (goal average 29-15).

The next fame is also scheduled in the Erste League, tomorrow at 18:30, against the Titanok team.