A new victory for the “wolves” in the national championship.

Tonight, in Brașov, CSM Corona Brașov managed to defeat the CSA Steaua București team again, in a game considered “away”.

Steaua Bucuresti – CSM Corona Brasov 1-11 (1-2, 0-4, 0-5)

For the “wolves” managed to score: Daniel Trancă three times (in the minutes 05’14 “, 47’31” and 56’00 “), Tomas Klempa twice (in the minutes 12’33” and 23’21 ” ), Cody Carlson (in 31’32 “), Huba Bors twice (in the 37’44” and 40’25 “minutes), Gajdo Balazs twice (in the 39’06” and 45’42 “minutes) and Zalan Szocs (in the 46’16 “minute).

The next games of our team will also take place in Brașov, on November 4 and 5, against the Sapientia U23 team, also counting for the Romanian national championship.