ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 1-4 (0-0, 0-1, 1-3).

“Wolves” managed a very important victory in Gheorgheni in the first game of this season of the Erste League in which they met another Romanian team.

After an almost perfect game, in which our team managed to dominate all three periods, managing to shoot 41 times on the hosts’ goal, defended by Gellért Ruczuj, and to score four goals.

-Even if the first period ended without goals, the Wolves dominated the game, managing to combine more and shoot 14 times on Gellért Ruczuj’s goal (compared to the opponents’ only 9 shots on goal).

– The “Wolves” started the second period in force and the goal was not left to wait, in the 24’21” the Canadian defender Cody Carlson finishing with a placed shot the pass received from Tomas Klempa.
Next, during the second period, our team was the more mature and better team in the game, managing to shoot at the hosts’ goal 15 times.

Even though the hosts managed to equalize at the start of the third period, the Canadian Ouellette St-Amant scoring in the 41’12”, the” wolves “remained consistent in terms of very good play, managing to dominate the” hostilities “.
In the 46’38” Daniel Trancă managed to finish, with a very fine execution, the pass received from Carlo Finucci.
In the 49th minute, Carlo Finucci managed to increase the advantage of the “wolves” after an attack carried out in numerical superiority, being assisted by Pavlo Borysenko and Daniel Trancă.
The home team called for a “time out” in the 58’33” and took out the goalkeeper to attack in numerical superiority, a situation that took advantage of our striker Radim Valchar, who managed to score in the empty net in the 59’06”.

Our victory was mainly due to a very good and disciplined team game (8 minutes penalty compared to the 12 of the hosts) but also a goalkeeper in very good shape, Zoltan Tőke finishing the game with a percentage of 96.67% defended shots.

With this very important victory, the “wolves” reach 9 victories from 11 games counting for Liga Erste this season and collect a number of 27 points in the ranking, managing to climb the podium.