ACSH Gheorgheni – CSM Corona Brașov: 4-9 (1-4, 1-1, 2-4)

This evening our team went to Gheorgheni for an important game of 6 points, due to the fact that the game counted both in Erste Liga and in the national championship of Romania.

Julius Penzes’s “Wolves” have taught a modern and effective hockey lesson.
After 8 minutes of playing, the “table” showed the score 2-0 in our favor, through goals scored by Canadian defender Logan Stephenson (assisted by Roberto Gliga) and Peter Balazs (assisted by Gergo Biro and Daniel Trancă).

In the minute 11’04 “, the hosts reduced the difference through Mircea
Constantin. But the excellent line of attack Peter Balazs – Daniel Trancă – Gergo Biro managed a stunning end of the period, managing to score two goals in two minutes.

Thus, Biro G. scored in the 17’08 minute for 1-3 (goal to which Peter B. and Pavlo Borysenko contributed) and immediately after – in the 18’45” minute, Daniel Trancă scored from Peter’s pass for 1-4. Score after the first period: ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona Brașov: 1-4.

The second period was more balanced, with each team scoring a goal.
The hosts reduced the score to 2-4 by Albert Zagidulin. It was going to be the only goal of the second half scored by the hosts, thanks to Patrik Polc’s “parades” of sensation.
In the 36’46” minute of the game, the “wolves” managed to score through Zsombor Molnar for 2-5 (this being assisted by David Szabo and J.F. Plante). Score after two halves: ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona Brașov: 2-5.

The third period started with the “pack” unleashed, the “wolves” scoring 4 goals in the first 4 minutes of the period. In the 18th minute of the period, Cody Fowlie scored 2-6, assisted by captain Roberto Gliga.
In the 02’09” minute of the period, Wacey Rabbit scored the 2-7 goal (assisted by Nelson Armstrong).
After 31 seconds – in the 02’40” minute, Cody Fowlie scored again (assisted by Roberto Gliga and Wacey Rabbit). In the 03’36”, Pavlo Borysenko (assisted by Peter Balazs) scored the 2-9 goal.

Thus, already after 43’36 “, the” wolves “led on the” table “with a score of 9-2. By the end of the game the hosts managed to score two more goals, through the Russian Albert Zagidulin and the Latvian Imants Lescovs, but they did not count much in the “economy” of the score.

Final score: ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona Brașov: 4-9 and the “wolves” collect 3 points in both Erste Liga and in the national championship.