After an extraordinary mobilization of our boys: DEAC – Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 4-6 (1-4, 1-0, 2-2).

The reprehensible events that took place in the second game of the series, which culminated in the non-suspension of the player who hit Pavlo Borysenko from behind (and could have caused a very serious injury) did not disarm our “wolves” but, on the contrary, they mobilized.

So our players went on this trip with the only thought of victory and “revenge” in a sporty way, on ice, the events of Wednesday.

This was seen from the start of the game, with our “wolves” starting “like cannons”.

In the first period there was only one team on the ice, with 18 shots of the “wolves” on the goal of Zoltán Hetényi and 4 goals.

The score was opened by captain Roberto Gliga (min. 02’38 “) who managed to score from an attack phase in which Carlo Finucci and Cody Fowlie” put their shoulder “.

After a few more attacks by our team, in min. 09’13 “, the goalkeeper Radim Valchar manages to score also with a shot that left Zoltán Hetényi without a reply.

A few tens of seconds later, Daniel Trancă scored the third goal of our team, being assisted by Zoltán Molnar.

In min. 15’36 “, scores the same Daniel Trancă, in an attack in numerical superiority of our team, being assisted by Zsombor Molnár and Radim Valchar.

After a magical 16 minutes the “wolves” led with a score of 4-0!

Towards the end of the period, the hosts managed to score and reduce the difference.

In the second period, the “wolves” played to maintain their advantage but the hosts reduced the difference again, bringing the score to 2-4.

The third period began with a new goal by the hosts, in the 43’54 “minute.

But in the 50’40” minute Super-Carlo Finucci manages an exceptional finish and detaches our team again with two goals in the lead.

After 58 minutes, the visitors’ Zsombor Molnár came close to leveling the score with a dangerous shot from the center of the area that went just over the bar. 58 minutes into the game. DEAC – Wolves Brașov: 4-6 .

If in Wednesday’s game the scandalous refereeing of the “brigade” Kókai – Soós shocked us, we can not fail to notice that today the “brigade” led by the Hungarian “central” Miklós Haszonits and Bence Kövesi has performed impeccably tasks! So it’s possible!

Congratulations to the “wolves” and thank you to our fans who are with us at all times!

Game 4 of the semifinal will take place tomorrow, also in Debrecen, starting with 19:30 (Romanian time) and will be broadcast live by the ersteligatv website.

Good luck to our “wolves”!