Ice hockey has its origins in Canada, when in 1880, in Montreal the first hockey association came into being: Montreal Association Amateur (MAA).
In 1895, some of the Canadian players arrived to Europe, where they found a hockey game type with 11 players and one round rubber ball, the definition of what we call “brandy” nowadays. The French and later the English where the first Europeans who adopted (the) ice hockey from overseas.

In Romania, ice hockey showed up a little bit later, after the First World War, somewhere/sometime between 1920/1921, in the current park named “Nicolae Titulescu” from the city centre of Brașov, where, thanks to the cold, hard winters, the footbal field turned into an ice rink.
The first organiser of a hockey team in Brașov was the professor Dragoș Navrea on the 3rd of January 1924 at Brașovia club. In the same year, in Brașov is incurred a second ice hockey team which belonged to the troops of Montagnards Colțea. Back then, Brașov was known as a strong (ice) skating center in Romania!

On January 22nd 1925, in Brașov, in front of an enthusiastic crowd, took place the first ice hockey championship which had as participants two teams from Brașov and two other from Bucharest. Following the results, the first national ice hockey champion was Brașovia team having the following roster: Drahedy (goalie), Csiky și Joncika (defensemen), Nagy, Gonczi și Schaltter (forwards).
After the Second World War, Brasov is represented in internal contests by teams as: Șantierul, SOVROM Tractor or Steagul Roșu. Among the players, there can be some values distinguished such as: Ion Țiriac (later known as a great tennis player, St. Ionescu, the Mazgăreanu brothers and St. Peter.

The presence of Ion Țiriac in the ice hockey national team of Romania at the Innsbruck Olympic Games in 1964 should also be recorded. The competition ended with the romanians on the honorable place 4. In his book entitled “ 50 years of hockey in Romania” the coach Mihai Flamaropol mentioned:
… February 1975, the games in division B took place in Poiana Brasov … having as participants the following teams: Tractorul Brașov, Școlarul București, SC Sportiva Miercurea Ciuc, SC Sportiva Odorhei, Lic. Nr. 1 M. Ciuc, SC Sportiva Gheorgheni, Metalul Radauți, Avântul Gheorgheni și Unirea Sf. Gheorghe.
The title was won by Unirea Sf. Gheorghe, who defeated Tractorul Brașov in the final with the score of 5-4.
The failure of the qualification has been a hard blow for the ice hockey in Brasov.

During the year 2005 the hope of the rebeginning/ rebirth of hockey was brought back in Brașov when, in september 2005 a new hockey department/section is founded at CSM Brașov, ran by prof. Florin Florea.
A comprehensive selection in schools comes next in Brașov, as a result of which 35 children born in 1997/1998 and younger will train their skills in the new ice hockey department.
In 2006 the little hockey players were presented to the public having great ambitions to restore the tradition of ice hockey in Brașov.

In june-july 2007, Ervin Miklos and Tanczos Barna, together with Janos Kurko, the president of the federation by then, had a broad discussion about the future of hockey in Brașov with George Scripcaru. They also discussed about an eventual intention of the city hall to bring hockey back in Brașov.
So, in the autumn of 2007, a new ice hockey team was born in Brașov: SCM-Fenestela 68 Brașov.

The roster of SCM Brașov 2007/2008


Goalies: Csaba Balázs and Attila Ferenc Nagy.
Defensemen: Attila Nagy, Rudolf Simon, Imre Tamás, István Veress, Botond Albu, Attila Abraham, Lóránd György și Hunor Miklós.
Forwards: Kovács Laszló, Zsolt Kopacz, Hunor Szabó, Gábor Antal, István Erőss, Péter Szabolcs, Sánta Gábor Rusz, Zoltán Kertész, Laszló Kovács, Csaba Gál, Deák Gellért, Zoltán Ambrus și Szabolcs Attila Tankó.
Head coach: Laszló Kovács

The team ended the season 2007/2008 on the fifth place in the senior National Championship defeating Dunarea Galati and Sportul Studentesc, right under the 4 teams which were considered as an imbatable quartet.
In the Romanian Cup, the team won the fifth place.

Roster of Fenestela Brasov 2008/2009


Goalies: Csaba Balázs, Attila Ferenc Nagy, Slavomir Sojak
Defensemen: István Veress, Tamás Imre, Botond Szőcs, Sánta Gábor Rusz, Csaba Gál, Botond Albu, Rudolf Simon, Attila Nagy, Richard Filip, Miroslav Pitschmann, Tomas Kramny
Forwards: Zsolt László Kopacz, Gellért Deák, Zoltán Kertész, Szabolcs Péter, Szabolcs Attila Tankó, Zoltán Ambrus, László Kovács, Attila Gergely, Ödön Keresztes, Jiří Hubáček, Ondřej Kavulič

In the season of 2008/2009 the team made considerable progresses reaching to the Play-Off in the Senior National Championship where it has been ruled up by Steaua, winning this way the forth place. There has been a great surprise during the Romanian Cup where for the first time we managed to defeat SC Miercurea Ciuc, which played against us with the best team. The team of Brașov was beginning to take shape. In the final four of the Cup we also defeated HC Csikszereda. In the final, we lost against Steaua. So, the team took the second place in the Romanian Cup 2008.

The team of SCM Fenestela 68 Brasov in the season 2009/2010


Goalies: Csaba Balázs, Rajmond Fülöp, Csongor Balázs, Ladislav Kudrna
Defencemen: József Adorján , Csaba Nagy , Attila Laczkó, Vlad Botoş, Levente Laczkó, Ferenc Pál, Zsombor Pál, Zoltán Szogyor

Forwards: Attila Tankó, Zsolt Zerkula, Attila Imecs, Levente Elekes, Zoltán Kertész, Attila Gergely, Botond Szőcs, László Kovács, Tivadar Petres, Zsolt Bálint, Zoltán Pál, László Bilibók, Szilárd Sikó, Zsombor Antal, Zsolt Kopacz, Hunor Szabó

Coaches: Előd Antal, László Kovács
The season 2008/2009 also ment the team’s debut in the Mol League, a strong league with teams from Romania and Hungary where it took the 7th place.
The team started to earn better and better results in the season 2009/2010 ending the National Hockey Championship on the 3rd position after defeating Gheorgheni in the final three.
At the Romanian Cup in 2009, the team was defeated by SC Miercurea Ciuc in the semi finals, winning the third place

The team for the season 2010/2011
Goalies: Rajmond Fülöp, Attila Ferenc Nagy, Patrik Polc

Defencemen: József Adorján, Attila David, Richard Filip , Attila Imecs, Kaupo Kaljuste, Zoltán Kertész, Attila Laczkó, Dávid Levente Laczkó, Csaba Nagy, Tamás Solti, Zoltan Szogyor,

Forwards: Zsombor Antal, Zsolt Bálint, Tibor Basilidesz , László Bilibók, Chris Falloon, Vitali Kirichenko, Levente Lőrincz Lajos Nyerges, Zoltán Pál, Róbert Péter, Andrej Rajcak, Szilárd Sikó, Szabolcs Szocs, Levente Zsók

Coaches: Előd Antal, László Kovács
The results of the season 2010/2011 are better compared to the results of the previous season, so the team will take the 6th place out of 9 participants in the Mol League.
In the National Championship of 2010/2011, the final is lost against HSC Csikszereda, ending up on the second place.
In the Romanian Cup 2010, the team will also win the second place after being defeated in the final also by HSC Csikszereda.

The composition of the team ASC Corona Brasov in 2011/2012

Goalies: László Arnold, Szilárd Béres, Rajmond Fülöp, Patrik Polc

Defensemen: József Adorján, Attila David, Richard Filip, Attila Imecs, Imre János, Zoltán Kertész, , Attila Laczkó, Csaba Nagy , Milan Varga , István Veress

Forwards: Zsombor Antal, Zsolt Bálint, Peter Barinka, Casey Bartzen, Tibor Basilidesz, Attila Borsos, Jozef Cierny , Csanád Fodor, Levente Lőrincz , Zoltán Pál , Zsolt Peter, Róbert Péter, Andrej Rajcak , Levente Zsók

Head Coach: László Kovács
The season 2011/2012 was a good one but the team did not manage to take the first place of any competition it attended.
In the Mol League 2011/2012 the team won the 4th place after being defeated in the semifinal by the team named Dab Docler.
In the Senior National Championship 2011/2012 Brasov ended up for the second consecutive time on the second place after losing the final with HSC Csikszereda.
The Romanian Cup 2011 was a competition with an unexpected ending, after Brasov defeated HSC Csikszereda in the semifinals, the team lost against Steaua Bucuresti and ended up on the second place.

The composition of ASC Corona 2010 Brasov for 2012/2013
Goalies: Szilárd Béres, István Csergõ ,Rajmond Fülöp, Patrik Polc

Defensemen : Attila David , Juhamatti Hietamäki, Attila Imecs, Imre János, Attila Laczkó, Zsolt Mastaleriu, Adolf Molnár, Csaba Nagy , Yevgeni Pisarenko , Rory Rawlyk, István Veress , Kevin Wehrs

Forwards: Zsombor Antal, Zsolt Bálint, Peter Barinka , Tibor Basilidesz, Josh Bonar, Attila Borsos, Csanád Fodor, Levente Lőrincz , Claudiu Mihailescu , Róbert Péter, Zsolt Peter, Tivadar Petres ,Csanád Virág , Levente Zsók

Head Coach: Kjell G. Lindqvist
The season 2012/2013 was a good season for ASC Corona 2010 Brasov, a season in which the team won the first trophy: Brasov was the winner of the Romanian Cup 2012 defeating HSC Csikszereda in a memorable final.
The Mol League 2012/2013 ended with the team placed on the fifth position which did not manage to make it to the Play-Offs.
In the National Championship 2012/2013 the team did not manage to defeat HSC Csikszereda again and took the second place after a final contested by the management of Brasov.

The componence of ASC Corona 2010 Brașov Wolves for 2013/2014
Goalies: #31 Szilárd Béres (G), #29 Rajmond Fülöp (G), #33 Patrik Polc (G)
Defenseman: #21 Richard Filip (D), #94 Juhamatti Hietamäki (D), #25 Attila Imecs (D/RW/C), #52 Imre Janos (D), #15 Zsolt Mastaleriu (D), #96 Zsolt Matyas (D), #84 Csaba Nagy (D), #43 Jaroslav Obsut (D), #26 Lucian Oprea (D), #23 Yevgeni Piszarenko (D), #2 Kevin Wehrs (D)

Forwards: #17 Zsombor Antal (RW), #73 Zsolt Balint (LW), #12 Florian Bocu (F), #61 Josh Bonar (RW), #19 Dennis Dumitru (C),#10 Csanád Fodor (LW), #93 Roberto Gliga (C), #63 Peter Klouda (C), #88 Hunor Marton (F), #24 Árpád Mihály (LW), #7 Zsolt Molnar (RW), #11 Robert Peter (LW), #87 Zsolt Peter (C), #85 Tivadar Petres (C), #18 Martin Saluga (LW), #77 Csanad Virag (C/LW),#71 Levente Zsok (RW/LW)


The season 2013/2014 can be considered as one of the best seasons of the team from Brașov.
In the Mol League, they ended up on the third place and made it to the finals in the Play-Offs where unfortunately were not able to defeat the Slovaks from Nove Zamky, ending the Play-Offs on the second place.
The Wolves were this season also national champions, winning for the first time the National Championship and becoming the Champions of Romania 2013/2014 for the first time.
In the Romanian Cup 2014 they won the second place.

The componence of the team ASC Corona 2010 Brasov Wolves for 2014/2015

2014-2015 corona team
Goalies: #31 Szilárd Béres (G), #29 Rajmond Fülöp (G), #33 Patrik Polc (G)
Defensemen: #21 Richard Filip (D), Adries Gheorghies (D), Ki Hoon Han (D), #94 Juhamatti Hietamäki (D), #25 Attila Imecs (D/RW/C), #52 Imre Janos (D), #96 Zsolt Matyas (D), #84 Csaba Nagy (D), #43 Jaroslav Obsut (D), #26 Lucian Oprea (D), #23 Yevgeni Piszarenko (D)
Forwards: #17 Zsombor Antal (RW), Andrei Anton (F), #73, Andrei Butochnov (F), #19 Dennis Dumitru (C), #10 Csanád Fodor (LW), Vlad Grigori (F), #63 Peter Klouda (C), #88 Hunor Marton (F), #24 Árpád Mihály (LW), #7 Zsolt Molnar (RW), #11 Robert Peter (LW), #87 Zsolt Peter (C), #85 Tivadar Petres (C), #18 Martin Saluga (LW), #77 Csanad Virag (C/LW), #71 Levente Zsok (RW/LW)


The team in 2015/2016

2015-2016 corona team

Season 2016/2017 in the beginning:

Up: Tomas Klempa, Biro Matyas, Fodor Csanad, Peter Zsolt, Biro Gergo, Petres Tivadar, Zolt Matyas, Huba Bors, Molnar Zsolt, , Zsok Levente

Middle: Ratiu Catalin, Adrian Dumitrescu, Biro Otto, Denis Zabludovski, Roberto Gliga, Ian Mcdonald, Yevghen Yemelianenco, Imecs Attila, Daniel Tranca, Zoltan Csiki, Balasz Zsombor, Beres Szilard, Lajos Attila, Adrian Martinas

Down: Toke Zoltan, Nagy Istvan, Richard Filip, Otto Kerestes, Arpad Mihaly, Martin Lacroix, Rory Rawlyk, Emilian Cernica , Nagy Csaba, Patrik Polc

Season 2016-2017 final

Up: Biro Matyas, Tomas Klempa, Fodor Csanad, Peter Zsolt, Zsok Levente, Biro Gergo, Huba Bors, Molnar Zsolt, Matyas Zsolt

Middle: Lajos Attila, Beres Szilard, Biro Otto, Roberto Gliga, Imecs Attila, Zoltan Csiki, Yevghen Yemelianenco,

Denis Zabludovski, Balasz Zsombor, Daniel Tranca, Mcgregor Bryan, Adrian Dumitrescu

Down: Toke Zoltan, Nagy Istvan, Richard Filip, Adrian Martinas, Ian Mcdonald, Martin Lacroix, Arpad Mihaly, Emilian Cernica , Garrett Clarke, Nagy Csaba, Patrik Polc

Sezon 2017-2018 in the beginning

Up: Biro Matyas, Molnar Zsombor, Biro Gergo, Ede Mihaly, Biro Otto, Zoltan Csiki, Vasile Andrei, Huba Bors, Nagy Istvan, Peter Robert

Middle: Attila Lajos,Balasz Zsombor, Beres Szilard, Braden Walls, Gajdo Balazs, Imecs Attila, Martin Saluga, Logan Macmillan,Denis Zabludovski , Yevghen Yemelianenco, Daniel Tranca, Nagy Csaba, Levente Zsok, Maxims Sirokovs, Evan Stoflet, Petrica Sabau, Pall Lehel

Down: Toke Zoltan, Hunor Strenk, Richard Filip, Martin Lacroix, MIhaly Arpad, Emilian Cernica, Roberto Gliga, Patrik Polc