Cody Carlson, another season with the “wolves”.

The “iron defender” of our team, the Canadian Cody Carlson (29 years old), reached an agreement with the club’s management and signed the contract extension for another season.

Cody arrived in Brașov before the 2018/2019 season – in the first season becoming national champion with our team, scoring an exceptional goal in the final with CSM Galați – and will wear the “yellow-blue” shirt for the third consecutive season (with a short break last season, when he played for a few months for the Hungarian team UTE).

Being a very hardworking defender with a positive attitude, Cody Carlson became a very appreciated player in Brasov.

In addition to being a very safe and precise defender, Cody Carlson is also a player who helps our team’s offense, scoring many goals and providing many decisive passes.

For the “wolves”, Cody has evolved in the last two seasons in a number of 80 games in the Erste League and scored 52 points (8 goals and 44 assists).

Also, in the Romanian national championship, he played in a number of 38 games (scoring 43 points – 16 goals and 27 assists).

National champion of Romania with the “wolves”, Cody will fight for the same goals next season.

The management of our club continues to negotiate with very valuable players to complete the group of “wolves” for the 2020-2021 season.