Cody Carlson becomes “wolf” again!

One of our team’s most important players last season, Canadian defender Cody Carlson (28), decided to return to Brasov.

He terminated his contract with UTE and signed a valid contract until the end of the season with our team.

Cody Carlson is well known to our fans, wearing for the first time the “yellow-blue” jersey last season, when he became the champion of Romania with Corona Brașov.

He was also a very appreciated player in Brasov, for his fighting spirit, wastage of effort, very good physical game and shots from the “blue line”.

He had in our team an exceptional 2018/2019 season, scoring 32 points (4 + 28) in the regular season of the Erste League.

He also scored 39 points (14 + 25) in the regular season of the national championship and 4 points (2 + 2) in the play-off.

He started this season with the Hungarian UTE team, for which he has so far evolved in 23 games in the Erste League (scoring 9 points: 5 goals and 4 assists).

He will be on ice for our team starting with the Romanian Cup tournament (December 18-22, in Brasov), trying to win a new trophy for Brasov supporters.