Corona Brașov – ACSH Gheorgheni: 8-5 (3-2, 2-2, 3-1)

After the guests had opened the score in the 05’23 minute of the game, the “wolves” took the lead through two goals from Albert Zagidullin, in the 09’20 “and 11’07”. The second goal was assisted by Tamas Gajdo.

The visitors scored again, 2-2, but Cody Fowlie (assisted by Nelson Armstrong and Cody Carlson) again put our team in the lead, in the 17’14”.

Score after the first period: 3-2!

The second period started very well for our team, which went 4-2, through the goal of captain Roberto Gliga, from the minute 25’31 ″ (assisted by Cody Fowlie and Zach Franko).

The visitors scored in the 27’28 “and 29’44”, bringing the score to 4-4.

In the 30’28”, Tamas Gajdo, the 18-year-old young defender trained by Corona Brașov, scored his first goal in the Erste Liga, bringing our team back to the table: 5-4

In the third period our team managed to consolidate their victory.

In the 46’38” Daniel Trancă (assisted by Pavlo Borysenko) took the score at 6-4, and in the 49’49” Cody Fowlie managed to score for 7-4 (assisted by Zach Franko).

After the guests came close again to two goals, in the 59’46″American Jared Brown scored for 8-5 (assisted by goalkeeper Patrik Polc – who is in Erste League’s third goal this season !).

We also note the excellent evolution of the 18-year-old defender Tamas Gajdo, a player trained by Corona Brașov.

In addition to having a very brave defense, Tamas managed to score in the game for the first time in the Erste League, scoring a goal and an assist.

This was the last game of the year for our team.

We wish you “Happy New Year!” And we are waiting for you at the ice rink starting on January 4, when our team will play, in Brasov, the first game of 2020 (in the company of Fehervar Titanok).