Corona Brașov climbs to the 2nd place of the Erste League after 4-3 SO (1-1, 1-1, 1-1, 1-0) against FTC Telekom

Our team met the “en-title” champion of the Erste League tonight: FTC Telekom Budapest.

It turned out to be a beautiful, open game with many opportunities to wear on both sides.

Also, within our team was recorded a debut, the striker Mircea Constantin (transferred yesterday from ACSH Gheorgheni) being sent on the ice by coach Julius Penzes.

In the minute 09’54” the guests managed to open the score (after a counter attack in numerical inferiority).

“Wolves” quickly balanced the game, in the minute 11’47″ Canadian defender Sam Labreque scoring a goal, after a very good pass from Levente Zsok.

The score after the first period: 1-1.

In the second period the first to score were our players, the goalkeeper Cody Fowlie managing to achieve a numerical superiority in the 29’08” (assisted by the couple of defenders Nelson Armstrong and Logan Stephenson).

Towards the end of the second period, the guests managed to draw 2-2.

And in the third period, both teams managed to score a goal.

 After the guests took the lead on the scoreboard in the 45’24”, the” wolves “quickly equalized – in the 45’45” – through Wacey Rabbit (assisted by Jared Brown and Cody Fowlie).

The score after the regular playing time was 3-3.

They went on to the extra 5 minutes, but neither team was able to claim their victory.

Thus, the winner was set to “shoot-out”.

It took 10 separate shots for each team to determine the winner.

For our team the decisive goal was scored by Daniel Trancă (who scored 9 goals scored for “wolves” this season).

After this victory our team climbs to the 2nd place of the Erste League, counting so far a number of 42 points in 21 games, with one point more than FTC Telekom (but FTC has two less disputed games than us) .

The series of “wolves” in Brasov continues tomorrow, from 6.30 pm, with a new game against a spectacular opponent: UTE.