Corona Brasov Juniors U14 is qualified in Hungarian Championship

At the beginning of this year, both U14 and U12, Corona Brasov’s junior teams coached by Laszlo Kovacs, have participated to qualification games for Hungarian Championship. Both teams qualified in this competion, U12 on the first place and U14 on the second one.

The games in the regular season have been played in Brasov and the playoff oned will be played in Hungary.

In the regular season six teams have been qualified but only four will be chosen to play in the playoff with semifinals and final games. For U14 teams, the playoff will start in 24 of January, and each team will play one game against eachother.

For U12 teams, there is not a playoff system but our team will continue to play in Hungarian Championship for skills and fun. For U12, the next game will be held in 5th of January in Dunaujvaros.

„It is a great acomplishment for our club that both teams will continue to play in Hungarian Championship and that the games have been held in Brasov also, so that all of our fans could see the juniors playing. It was a pleasure specially for the parents who trusted them and supported them in playing this sport. I hope that our U14 keep playing this good and qualifies in the semifinals even if i know will be hard for them. For our U12 team, they will continue to play in this championship to gain experience and skills.” – declared Kovacs Laszlo, coach for both U12 and U14 junior teams