Corona Brașov – Opten Vasas: 4-2 (3-1, 0-1, 1-0)

This evening our team met the Hungarian team Opten Vasas, a young team and in a serious growth of form, the other day winning 4 points from two games on the ice of Miercurea-Ciuc.

The result was a very open game, fast and with many goal phases.

Our team opened the scoring very quickly, in the minute 01’50 “, Zoltán Molnar taking advantage of the phase started by defender Josh McFadden.

In the 06’14 “, the Slovak defender Dusan Kmec managed to equalize with a placed shot, after a prolonged phase of numerical superiority.

The tie did not last more than 43 seconds, in the next phase of the game our defender Josh McFadden managed to equalize after a phase worked on the route Huba Bors – Tomas Klempa.

It was minute 06’57” and three goals had already been scored.

In the 14’37”, the same Josh McFadden – the man of the game – would score an exceptional goal, the most beautiful goal of the game and one of the most beautiful of the season in the Erste League. He took an action on his own – “coast to coast “- and managed to defeat the guest goalkeeper after a race of great days.

3-1 in favor of our team after the first period, after a beautiful and cursive hockey demonstration by both teams.

The second period was just as disputed, but unfortunately without a goal from our team.

The only goal of the period was scored by the same Slovak defender Dusan Kmec, with a very nice new shot, at a time when our team was evolving in double numerical inferiority.

After two periods, the “wolves” remained in the lead on the scoreboard with the score of 3-2.

In the third period the “wolves” increased their advantage in the 48th minute by the same Josh McFadden, who shot placed from a distance, after a pass received from Olivier Dame-Malka, and managed to sign a “hattrick” tonight.
It is the second “hattrick” of this player in the Erste League, who reached 7 goals scored for “wolves”, climbing to the 5th position of our team’s scorers with 18 points (7 goals and 11 assists).

Also noteworthy is the exceptional evolution of the goalkeeper of our team – and one of the goalkeepers of the national team – Patrik Polc, who managed very inspired interventions in some delicate moments to defend the “wolves”.

Thus, our team consolidates its second place, with 55 points after 24 games (a very good coefficient, an average of 2.29 points / game) and a positive goal average of +36 (92 goals scored and 56 conceded) .

Corona Brașov keeps its chances to climb to the first position in the league standings, approaching only 8 points from the team in first place: FTC Telekom (a team that also has 5 extra games).

The next game of the “wolves” will also be played in Brașov, tomorrow starting with 17:30, they will receive the visit of the MAC Újbuda team (team in the 5th position in the Erste League ranking).