Corona Brașov vs CSM Galați : 8-7 (2-1, 1-4, 4-2, 1-0)

A game counting for the National Championship with many goals, with twists and turns regarding the score and lots of suspense till the end took place at the Olympic Ice Rink in Brasov between Corona Brasov Wolves and CSM Galati. The guests were the first who scored but until the end of the first period the score was turned in the favor of the wolves already thanks to Andrei Vasile (min. 09,15) and Trancă (min. 10,56), so the score became 2-1.

After the first break, it was the turn of the team from Galati to take the lead so the score became 2-4 after they scored three consecutive goals. Until the end of the second period, both of the teams scored once again (Carlson scored the game for the “wolves” in min. 32,33) so at the second break the scoring board was indicating 3-5.

In the first minutes of the third period, Galati scored another goal, so the score became 3-6, after which, every team scored once again, the goal for the “wolves” being scored by Trancă (min. 49,14). Regarding the score of 4-7, there were not many still hoping for a new turnout but our team’s credit was that they did not give up and still believed in a victory. Brasov’s team made a spectacular comeback so the “wolves” managed to score 3 consecutive goals as well through Carlson (min. 54,28 și 58,12) and Andrei Vasile, when there were only 17 seconds left of the game!

The score was 7-7 after three periods. The overtime period brought the victory to Corona Brasov which scored through Peretiagin (min. 3.04). At the moment, the “wolves” have 38 points in 15 games played in the National Championship.

After the game, the president of the ice hockey department in Brasov, Emilian Cernica, declared: “ a surprising game. I was aware that it was going to be a rough match for two reasons: first of all, Galati has a good team and had two good games with Gheorgheni. On the other hand, let’s not forget that we had only one day off after 11 of our players returned from Latvia where they had give their best for the national team, so the probability that they were going to be pretty tired was obvious. I was actually surprised by the week performance of the imports who were supposed to fly on the ice. Unfortunately, Tendler and Lidhammar were for me totally disappointing.”