Corona Brasov Wolves – ACS Gheorgheni 1-0 (1-0, 0-0, 0-0)

The game between Corona Braşov Wolves and ACS Gheorgheni was really dynamic, where the players of both teams skated a lot and many scoring occasions have alternated between both nets.
After a balanced start, “The Wolves” opened the score close to the end of the first period, when Matyas Biro scored being situated close to the net. 1-0 in the minute 16’53”.

Hereinafter, the game has been bursting with spectacular moments, with a sustained rhythm, where both of the goalies had a big day by promptly interfering.
No other goal was scored until the end of the game, even though the guests removed the goalie.

Final score 1-0 and so, 3 important points go into the account of the team in Brasov. These points count for both of National Championship and Erste League.

The next home game will take place on October 12, at 6:30pm against DAB.