Corona Brasov Wolves – DEAC 6-3 (3-0, 2-1, 1-2)

It was a spectacular game between Corona Wolves Brasov and DEAC at the Olympic Ice rink, two teams that aspire to a better position in the playoffs.
Brasov’s team made a very good game, especially in the first two periods, that almost defined the game. In fact, Corona Brasov led 3-0 after the first half, with the goals scored by Peter B (min. 4’13 ”), Tranca, at the end of an exceptional individual action (min. 9’51 ”) and Lidhammar (min. 19’19 ”).

In the second half, the guests scored the first goal in min. 29’42 ” reducing the score to 3-1. Then, the “wolves” took the game serious again and scored twice through Mihaly Arpad (min. 33’01 ”) and Tendler (min. 36’01 ”).

After 5-1 at the end of the first two periods, the third part of the game started with DEAC team in a better position, the guests scoaring twice, in min. 51’36 ” and 57’19 ”.
Even if in the final period the Hungarian team played a better game, Corona Brasov shot the final goal with 36 ” before the end, when Peter B. scored in the empty goal.

Final score 6-3 for Corona, who is preparing for the next game in the Erste Liga, on Sunday at 17:00 with Ferencvaros TC.