Corona Brasov Wolves – Dunauvarosi Acelbikak SO 5-4 (1-2, 0-2, 3-0, 0-0, 1-0)

The game between Corona Braşov Wolves and Dunaujvaros had a particular suspense and an end which had definitely lifted the team’s spirit.
The first period was quite balanced. The guests opened the score in the minute 2’33”, Corona then tied the game through Mihaly Arpad, after which the guests have taken over again in the minute 9’26”.

The second period belonged to the Hungarian team which scored 2 goals in minute 21’57’’ and 30’56’’ turning the score into 4-1. In these circumstances, the visiting team thought it was already the winner of the night.
In the third period, the “wolves” turned the score against the team from Dunaujvaros after a sustained attack and strong domination.
Levente Zsok scored in minute 53’09’’ which lead to a score of 2-4 and Tendler in the minutes 56’48’’ si 59’51’’, whose successes made the game’s score 4-4. The game was then followed by an overtime period where no goal has been scored and in the end by the penalty shots which brought the win to Brasov’s team through Tendler and Mihaly Ede from Corona.

Final score 5-4 for the “wolves” who will meet UTE on Sunday at 5:00pm at the home rink as well.