Corona Brasov Wolves – Ferencvatos TC 1-8 (1-3, 0-2, 0-3)

Corona Brasov faced on its own ice the up-to-date leader of the Erste Liga, Ferencvaros TC. The Brasov team played well in the first half of the game and especially in the first half of the first period.

Guests have opened the score in min. 6’26 ”, for Tendler to bring the equality in min. 10’26 ”. Brasov team kept up the offensive game until the end of the period with some good opportunities, but Ferencvaros hit another 2 goals before the first break (at least 11’38 ” and 19’19 ”).

Corona tried to continue to press it out until the end of the second half but Ferencvaros, with an insistent team scored in numerical inferiority in min. 33’09 ”.

At the 1-4 score, the “wolves” dropped totally and by the end of the game when they received 4 more goals, min. 35’51 ”, 41’22 ”, 47’11 ”, 59’00 ”.

Final Score 1-8. The next game of the “wolfpack” in the Erste Liga will be held tomorrow, January 14, 18.30, with ACSH Gheorgheni, at the Olympic ice rink.