Corona Brasov Wolves – SC Miercurea Ciuc 8-3 (4-2, 1-1, 3-0)

“The Wolves” played an almost perfect game against SC Miercurea Ciuc, a game which counted for both Erste League and National Championship.

The stands were full so Brasov’s team played extremely good all three periods and delighted the fans with spectacular goals. The first period brought 6 goals, four of them being scored by the “wolves” through Arpad Mihaly (min. 5’56”), Dorofeev (min. 11’55”), Zoltan Molnar (min. 14’38”) and Tendler (min. 16’39”).

After the first period, on the scoreboard was listed the score of 4-2 for Corona, which continued its performance in the second period as well, especially when Clarke scored in min. 34’22”. The guests could score only one more time, so the difference got preserved after 2 periods: 5-3 for Corona. During the last period, the “wolves” scored three other spectacular goals, signed by Tranca in min. 46’30” and 48’23”, but also by Zsombor Molnar in min. 51’57”.

Corona Brasov Wolves obtained one of the most beautiful victories of the season: final score 8-3 against the team from Miercurea Ciuc.

The next game in Erste League will also be in Brasov, on Friday, the 2nd of November at 6:30pm against Fehervari Titanok.