Corona Brasov Wolves – UTE 0-3 (0-0, 0-2, 0-1)

Two of the teams that aspire to the Erste League play-off qualification met on the ice of the Olympic Ice Rink in Brasov: Corona Brasov Wolves and UTE.

The game was pretty balanced during the first period and each team proved its domination without scoring any goal. The game did not change until the second period when the guests scored in min. 31’12”.

After a few more minutes UTE scored another goal so the score became 0-2 (min. 37’33”). Led by the score of 2-0, the “wolves” tried to turn the game in their favor during the third period by playing more on offensive than their opponents and had many scoring occasions but the goalkeeper Sila interfered successfully every time.

Brasov’s team took their goalie out 2’07” before the end of the game but the guests managed to score once again. Final score 0-3 so Corona Brasov Wolves is getting ready for a new game on the home rink in the Erste League which will take place on Sunday at 5:00 pm against Hokiklub Budapest.