Corona Brasov Wolves – UTE 3-2 SO (0-1, 0-0, 2-1, 0-0, 1-0)

The Olympic Ice Rink hosted another game on high intensity on Sunday, with an end to the crowd’s liking, exactly like it happened on Friday.
The opponent of the wolves was UTE, a pretty strong team with technical players. Anyway, the hosts opened the score in the minute 9’38” and also dominated the first period. Then, in the second one, Corona attacked over and over again and also put a lot of pressure on its opponent but the goalkeeper’s (Sila) interventions stopped any goal.

The third period was the most spectacular one and started with another goal scored by the guests in the minute 45’23”. Due to the difference, very few would have hoped of a score’s recovery, but still, the “wolves” managed to get another exciting victory which got the crowd cheering. In the minute 54’31” Tendler reduced the difference, 1-2, and 17 seconds before the game was over, Carlson balanced the score: 2-2.
There was no goal scored during the overtime period which was followed by the penalty shots. The first series of 5 shots, no team scored any goal but in the second one, Corona made the difference through Clarke. Final score 3-2 for Brasov’s team, which adds two other points to the leader board.

Corona will play the next two games against Steaua in the National Championship at Targu Secuiesc on Monday and Tuesday followed by another game on the home rink against Vasas on Friday, the 19th of October.