Corona Brasov Wolves – Vasas 6-0 (2-0, 1-0, 3-0)

The game between Corona Braşov and Schiller Vasas was a game to the crowd’s liking at the Olympic Ice Rink in Braşov where 6 goals and many other beautiful phases could be seen.
Braşov’s team dominated on every level and created lots of scoring occasions to the happiness of the fans who cheered for their favorites.

In the first period, the “wolves” scored twice through Tendler who managed to get in front of the net alone while Braşov’s team was outnumbered (min. 13’38’’) and through A. Mihaly (min. 19’55’’).
The second period has not been without spectacular occasions especially in the opponent’s side even though there has been only one goal scored by Tranca (min. 28’59’’).

The third part of the game brought three goals, all of them being added to the home team’s account: Dorofeev (min. 40’42’’) scoring the first goal for Corona Brasov, Tranca (min. 50’29’’) and A. Mihaly again (min. 56’03’’). A refreshing victory which improves the moral of the “wolves” for the next games.

The first one will take place on Sunday, the 21st of October at 5:00pm against Fehervari Titanok!