Corona Brașov Wolves won both games with Sportul Studențesc

The Ice Hockey National Championship scheduled on the Olympic Ice Rink in Brasov 2 games between Sportul Studentesc and Corona Brasov Wolves. As it was already expected, Brasov’s team dominated and won both of the games: 16-4 on Saturday and 13-2 on Sunday. Both of the games were played by the U20 players in order to let the other players in the senior team rest. The goals from the first game were scored by: E.Mihaly (5), A. Vasile (3),
R. Fetes (2), I. Chițac, Dorofeyev, O. Biro, N. Fetes, Z. Molnar, Bahensky, while in the second game the goals were signed by: A. Vasile (3), R. Fetes, Norbert Fetes, E. Mihaly (2), Zoltan Molnar, Zsombor Molnar, B. Peter, R.Vasile, I. Chițac (2).

Corona Brasov is ranked second on the leaderboard of the National Championship, with 36 points obtained in 14 games played. The “wolves” will be back in the home rink on the 13th of November where they will meet CSM Galati for another game scheduled in the National Championship.