Corona “Wolves” Brașov – CSA Steaua București: 11-3 (2-1, 7-1, 2-1)

Tonight our team managed to win a game counting for the regular season of the national championship, defeating the CSA Steaua București team in Brașov.

For our team scored:

In 13’31 “: Radim Valchar (assisted by Ben Wilson).
In 16’42 “: Andrei Vasile (assisted by Cody Fowlie and Roberto Gliga).
In 22nd minute Roberto Gliga (assisted by Pavlo Borysenko and Cody Fowlie).
In the 31st minute Zoltán Molnár (assisted by Zsombor Molnár).
33’25 “: Cody Fowlie (assisted by Roberto Gliga and Tamás Gajdo).
In the 33rd minute Roberto Gliga (assisted by Tamás Gajdo).
In the 34th minute Daniel Trancă (assisted by Radim Valchar and Josh McFadden).
In 34’22 “: Zoltán Molnár (assisted by Zsombor Molnár and Pavlo Borysenko).
In 36’52 “: Tamás Gajdo (assisted by Roberto Gliga).
In 50’07 “: Rareș Vasile (assisted by Balázs Gajdo and Zalán Szőcs).
In the 53rd minute: Zalán Szőcs (assisted by Balázs Gajdo and Olivier Damme-Malka).

Levente Lőrincz (in the 05’32 “minute), Cristian Boldizsár (in the 31’12” minute) and Mihail Georgescu (in the 44’12 “minute) scored for CSA Steaua București.

The next game of the “wolves” will take place also in Brașov and also against those from CSA Steaua București, starting with 16:00 tomorrow.