Corona “Wolves” Brașov defeats ACSH Gheorgheni and wins the regular season of the Erste League, bringing to Brașov the “László Bíró Cup”

Tonight our team managed to win, for the first time, the regular season of the Erste League.

On this occasion, our team brings to Brașov, at least for one season, the “László Bíró Cup”, a transferable cup awarded to the winner of the regular season of the league.

It is the second trophy offered this season to our city by the “wolves”, after the Romanian Cup, won in December.

Corona “Wolves” Brașov – ACSH Gheorgheni: 7-3 (3-0, 1-1, 3-2).

The “wolves” needed only two more points to overtake the best Hungarian team in the competition: FTC Telekom and finish the regular season in first place.

Entering the ice with the thought of quickly breaking away on the scoreboard, the “wolves” opened the scoring in the 08’23 “, Canadian defender Ben Wilson scoring spectacularly after a phase” worked “by his compatriots Carlo Finucci and Cody Fowlie.

In less than a minute, in the minute 09’18 “, our defender and the national team of Romania: Huba Bors also manages a spectacular completion, after a pass received from the Romanian international of Ukrainian origin Pavlo Borysenko.
Another Romanian international contributed to the goal: striker Zsombor Molnár.

In the 11’17 “, the Romanian striker of Czech origin Radim Valchar manages to score for the” wolves “, becoming the goal of the French international, defender of the” wolves “: Olivier Damme-Malka.

After the first period, the “wolves” led with the score of 3-0.

In the second period, in the 33’10 “, the guests managed to reduce the difference through the Canadian striker Oullette St. Amant, who took advantage of a numerical superiority.

But in the 37’05” Zsombor Molnár managed to lead the score to 4-1 by pushing a shot into the goal, after a shot by the Canadian defender Ben Wilson.

After two periods, the “wolves” led 4-1.

At the start of the third period, the guests again reduced the difference through the same Canadian striker Oullette St. Amant.

However, in the 44’37 “, the French international of Canadian origin Olivier Damme-Malka came out” on the ramp “again and scored with an extraordinary shot, directly at the crossbar, after a pass received from Pavlo Borysenko, bringing the score to 5 -2.

In the 51st minute, our striker Radim Valchar managed to “double”, bringing the score to 6-2, scoring after a phase in which two of the “children of Brașov hockey” contributed: Balázs Gajdo and Rareș Vasile.

In the 58th minute, the young Balázs Gajdo managed to score for 7-2, between the legs of the goalkeeper Gellért Ruczuj, being assisted by Huba Bors and Rareș Vasile.

In the 58th minute, the guest striker Hunor Csergő also scored, setting the final score: 7-3 in favor of the “wolves”.

After this game our team won the regular season of the Erste League, a season that it dominated in the style of a great team.

However, for our team the regular season is not over, tomorrow another game will follow in Brașov against the ACSH Gheorgheni team and on Friday the “wolves” will travel to Gheorgheni for the last game of the regular season, against the same team.

Congratulations to the “wolves”, the best team of the regular season of the Erste League, the pride of our city!