Corona “Wolves” Brașov – Opten Vasas: 5-3 (1-2, 0-1, 4-0).

In the first game of the series of quarterfinals of the Erste League, the “wolves” prevailed against the Hungarian team Opten Vasas, with the score of 5-3.

In the 06’40 “, the guests scored the first goal of the game, through the striker Bence Bodok.

In the 13’50”, the” wolves “managed to equalize through Carlo Finucci (assisted by Cody Carlson).

18 minutes into the game, Kristóf Schmal came through the middle and almost added to his team’s lead, but the shot went wide.

After the first period, Corona “Wolves” Brașov – Opten Vasas: 1-2.

In the second period, the only ones who scored were the guests, through Mark Nagy, in the 27’21”.

After two periods: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – Opten Vasas: 1-3.

However, the third period was dominated by the “wolves”, who managed to score 4 goals and turn the fate of the game.

In the 41’03 “, Peter Balázs-Szabolcs managed to lead the score to 2-3, being assisted by Josh McFadden and Roberto Gliga.

In the 45’54”, Cody Fowlie equalized at 3-3, being assisted by Roberto Gliga.

With 57 minutes played, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending.

In the 59th minute, our goal scorer Radim Valchar managed to score with the empty net, for the first victory of the “wolves” in this series.

The series will continue, with the second game, also in Brașov, tomorrow at 18:30.