Corona “Wolves” Brașov – Opten Vasas: 5-4 (2-2, 2-1, 1-1).

Tonight our team managed to win the second game of the series against the Hungarian team Opten Vasas counting for the quarterfinals of the Erste League.

The guests opened the scoring in the 05’12” through Barna Czakó.

In the 12’35”, Carlo Finucci managed to equalize for the “wolves” (being assisted by Josh McFadden and Cody Fowlie).

In the 13’50”, the” wolves “defender, Huba Bors, managed to score for 2-1, with a placed shot (being assisted by Pavlo Borysenko and Radim Valchar).

Until the break, the guests managed to equalize, through the same Barna Czakó, through a counterattack.

In the second period, in the 25’01 “, our defender Cody Carlson managed to score for 3-2, being assisted by Carlo Finucci and Roberto Gliga.

But in the 31st minute, the guests managed to equalize again, through Bence Paterka.

The “Wolves” reacted quickly and in the 32’48” they managed to get back in the lead through Balázs Gajdo (who was assisted by Josh McFadden and Zoltán Molnár).

After two periods, the wolves led with the score of 4-3.

In the third period, in the 54’22”, the defender of our team, the Canadian Ben Wilson, managed to bring the score to 5-3, with an exceptional shot (being assisted by Carlo Finucci).

Until the end of the game, the guests scored once more, in the 56’00 minute through Martin Turbucz.

The Wolves managed to defend their advantage and now lead the series with the overall score of 2-0.

The series will continue in Budapest on Saturday and Sunday, and in the event of two more victories, the Wolves will qualify for the semifinals of the Erste League.