Corona “Wolves” Brașov – UTE 2-3 (SO).

Tonight the “wolves” played the 10th game of the regular season of the Erste League and came after 8 victories and one defeat (and that in overtime).

The Hungarian UTE team came to Brașov, an experienced team with a very good physical game.

Even if the “wolves” opened the score, in the end they gave in to the “shoot-out”, with the score of 2-3, managing to win a point in the standings.

In the 05’32 minute, the “wolves” opened the scoring through Daniel Trancă, who received a very good pass from Carlo Finucci.

The visitors got a chance to pulling one back after 08 minutes, due to a defensive blunder leaving Ladislav Sikorcin completely unmarked. His strike was pathetic though, easy prey for the home side’s keeper.

1-1 after the first period.

In the second period, the guests took the lead, in the 32’36 “minute, through Chris Bodo.

1-2 after the second period.

In the third period, the “wolves” entered the ice very motivated, managing a very good game and managed to equalize in the 58’28 ” through Carlo Finucci, assisted by Daniel Trancă.

2-2 after three periods.

As after the first 60 minutes the score remained equal, the “extra time” was entered, playing 3 vs. 3 for 5 minutes.

Neither team managed to score the “golden goal” in the 5 minutes of “extra time” and thus went to SO.

In the end, the guests prevailed, scoring the decisive goal through Andras Benk and thus won two points, giving the “wolves” one point.

After 10 games in the regular season of the Erste League, our team managed to collect in the ranking a number of 24 points, being on the 3rd place, one point against the team on the 2nd place and 5 points on the team on first place (but with three fewer games).