CSM Corona Brasov – CSM Galati SO (0-0, 2-1, 0-1, 0-0, 1-0)

In a game counting for the national championship, our team – despite 5 important players unavailable due to injuries – managed to defeat the CSM Galați team, with a score of 3-2 (at the “shoot-out”).

After the visitors opened the scoring in the second half, the “wolves” managed to return the result through Matyas Biro (assisted by Balazs Gajdo) and Nelson Armstrong (in numerical superiority, assisted by Logan Stephenson).

The guests equalized in the third period at 2-2, this being the score after the 60 minutes of regular time.

Thus, the game continued with the 5 minutes of overtime (teams playing 3 vs. 3).

As no extensions were scored, we went to the “shoot-out” series.

The “Wolves” prevailed, winning two points, after scoring for our team: Cody Fowlie and Daniel Trancă and Zoltan Toke managed to defend four of the five shots of the opposing players.

The team will move to Hungary again, having played 3 games in the Erste League against the teams: Schiller-Vasas (on October 31), HK Budapest (on November 1) and DEAC (on November 3).