CSM Corona Brașov – HK Budapesta: 5-4 SO (1-2, 1-1, 2-1, 1-0)

Tonight, our team managed to win two points after the victory, in the shoot-out, in front of the Hungarian team HK Budapest.

Until the 11’33” our team was led with two goals, but in the 15’48” Cody Fowlie completed a great phase to which Nelson Armstrong and Jared Brown also contributed.

In the 28’22”, the captain, Roberto Gliga completed a phase of numerical superiority, equaling to 2-2 (was assisted by Nelson Armstrong and Sam Labreque).

However, the visiting team managed to score two goals in the 35’02″and 49’02”, taking again the lead.

The reply of the “wolves” was not expected for a long time, Daniel Trancă (51’33”, assisted by Pavlo Borysenko) and Mircea Constantin (54’57”) equaling 4-4.

After the 60 minutes of the regular time the score was 4-4, so went to the halftime of OT.

As neither team managed to score in the OT, they went on to shoot-out.

Our team prevailed, the victory goal being scored by captain Roberto Gliga.

Following the charity event “De Sarbatori, daruieste un zambet”, this year at the 8th edition, over 70 bags filled with toys were collected, which will be donated in the coming days to the orphanages in Brasov (we return with details). Saturday’s events also included a mini-recital by the Compact B band, which we thank for their involvement without financial claims in this charity event.