Debut of the “wolves” in the national championship.

✓The first game of the “wolves” in the national championship, against the CSM Galați team, started late because the test result for SARS COV 19 was expected for the main referee.

Corona “Wolves” Brașov – CSM Galați: 4-5 OT (0-0, 2-2, 2-2, 0-1).

✓After an alert first period, but without goals, the “wolves” started the second one excellently, scoring two goals through Tomas Klempa (in minute 21’06 “- assisted by Pavlo Borysenko) and Radim Valchar (in minute 23’26 “- assisted by Pavlo Borysenko and Tomas Klempa).

✓The opponents quickly reduced the difference and then, taking advantage of a double superiority, they managed to equalize at 2-2.

✓The third period started with two goals from the guests but the “wolves” came back until the end of regulation time.

✓In the minute 48’43 “Cody Carlson (assisted by Radim Valchar) scored the 3-4 goal with an exceptional shot.

✓In the minute 56’06 “captain Roberto Gliga managed to equalize, being assisted by Huba Bors and Balazs Gajdo.

✓Note that, prior to the equalizer, the Canadian defender of our team Ben Wilson managed to repel a shot from the goal line, avoiding a goal “as if made”.

4-4 at the end of regulation time.

✓It went over-time, playing 3 vs. 3 and – despite the fact that the “wolves” had the best chances – the guests managed to score the “two-point” goal.

✓The next game of the “wolves” will take place tomorrow, also from 18:30, with the same opponent.