Debut with two victories in the national championship of Romania!

In the debut of the national championship “wolves” had scheduled yesterday and today games against the team Sportul Studentesc Bucharest.

The games were considered “on the move” but they were played on the ice of the Olympic Ice Rink Brasov.

In the first game, played yesterday starting at 18:30, our team prevailed with the score of 17-2 (5-0; 5-0; 7-2).

The goals of our team were scored by:

Daniel Trancă (5), Wacey Rabbit (3), Peter Balazs, Biro Matyas, Pavlo Borysenko, Cody Fowlie, Balazs Gajdo, Roberto Gliga, Zsombor Molnar, Logan Stephenson and Rareș Vasile.

In the second game, played today starting at 11:00, the score was 17-1 (7-0, 5-0, 5-1) in favor of our team.

Our team included in the scoaring list: Peter Balazs, David Szabo, Matyas Biro (3), JF Plante (3), Ede Mihaly (2), Gajdo Balazs (4), Levente Zsok (2) and Andrei Haraga.

It should be noted that in the Sportul Studentesc team , the twin brothers Robert and Norbert Fetes, players originating from Târgu Secuiesc but trained by Corona Brașov, also evolved in the attack.