Eight “Brasov junior wolves” join the wolfpack

After bringing home, this summer, three former “junior wolves”, the fwolfpack came to count eight players trained at the “Center for children and juniors” of our club.

Thus, in the team coached by the Canadian Dave MacQueen, are now three very talented defenders and five strikers who will fight on the ice for the city that trained them as hockey players.

✓Andrei Haraga, defender, 21 years old: born in Brașov, he has played so far only for Corona Brașov, in all age groups. Former “international” of juniors and youth of Romania, he will start the sixth season with the senior team of the “wolves”.

✓Tamas Gajdo, defender, 19 years old. The player born in Târgu Secuiesc, but formed by Corona Brașov, is one of the best local defenders of his generation. He was the “international” of juniors and youth of Romania and he also made his debut in the national senior team at a strong friendly tournament in which Romania managed to defeat Poland and Ukraine.
The fifth season of the senior “wolves” team will begin for him.

✓Norbert Raduly, defender, 21 years old. Born in Brașov and formed by the “Children’s and Junior Center” of our club until 2016, he continued hockey in Hungary with the DVTK Jegesmedvék, Debrecen-Miskolc and KMH Budapest teams (juniors and youth) and Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák (in seniors League). This summer he returned home and will make his debut for the club’s senior team that trained him as a hockey player in the national championship and Erste Liga.

✓Balazs Gajdo, striker, 22 years old. Born in Târgu Secuiesc but trained at Corona Brașov, Balazs is one of the best strikers in the “new wave” of Romanian hockey.
Former international of juniors and youth of Romania, he also made his debut in the national senior team, both in a friendly tournament and in the pre-Olympic tournament in Brașov.
At the pre-Olympic tournament he managed 5 points (2 goals and 3 assists) in the 3 games in Romania’s jeersey.
He is the older brother of the talented defender Tamas Gajdo and will start the fifth season in the “wolves” jersey.

✓Andrei Vasile, striker, 21 years old. Born in Brașov, one of the best products of Romanian hockey, he represented Romania at official games for all age groups, from youth to seniors.
In 2019, he was part of the national team that managed the historic promotion to the second world echelon.
He returns to Brașov this summer, after a season in American youth hockey.
He is a student at the “Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain Sports” of the “Transilvania University of Brașov” and will start the fifth season in the “wolves” senior team.

✓Zalan Szocs, striker, 19 years old. He is also a very talented young player, a striker that the Romanian national team can rely on in the near future. He was born in Târgu Secuiesc but was formed by Corona Brașov until U16.
From 2016 until this summer he played for the junior and youth teams of the DVTK Jegesmedvék club in the Austrian and Hungarian championships.
He will make his debut for the senior team of the “wolves”, being a player we will rely on both in Erste League and in the national championship.

✓Rareș Vasile, striker, 17 years old.
Andrei Vasile’s younger brother, but just as talented, is another product of youth Romania’s international hockey. The third season will begin in the senior team of the “wolves”.
On October 9, he will become a “major”, turning 18 years old.

✓Iulian Corneanu, striker, 19 years old. Born in Brașov, he is a very technical and talented striker.
He is a former youth international of Romania. Until last season, he had appeared in the senior team of “wolves” for two seasons. Last season he was loaned to the Student Sports team and this summer he returns home, signing a professional contract with Corona Brașov.

In the future, our club will keep promoting young local players. Also, there are players raised at the “Children and Juniors Center” of our club who play abroad and which we will try to “repatriate” the following seasons.
In addition, we look forward to the growth of the talented “Pee-Wee generation”, which now forms the U16 team of “wolves”.