Garrett Clarke, part of the “wolfpack” again!

The 2018-2019 season brings Garett Clarke back to our team. He joins the team making its defensive way stronger, as he also did two seasons ago. He is a 26-year-old talented player when it comes to scoring and a clever and strong defenseman (183cm and 90kg). The last team he played for was INDI FUEL in ECHL. The Canadian defenseman also gained experience in the MOL/ Erste League after he played in the past seasons for both the Hungarian team DVTK Jegesmedvek and Corona Brasov.


“Garrett Clarke came back to Brasov after a season he played in ECHL. After long discussions between me and Greg Lindqvist in which we compared this player’s advantages and disadvantages, we decided that he should be part of our team again. When we thought about the composition of this season’s team, the first thing we wanted to improve was the strength of our defensive. We analysed the roster from the last season and ended up to the conclusion that this year our wolfpack defensemen will have to be stronger in order to be able to face the physical interferences better.  So we thought about Clarke and finally he signed a one-year-contract which contains some clauses which will make him control some of his outbursts which will not be beneficial for the team.

In other words, Clarke is a very good and experienced player which will certainly be one of our hockey loving public’s favourite players and I am also convinced that he will put on a good show this season. “ – said Emilian Cernica, the president of the hockey department in Brasov.