Julius Penzes: “I do not want below the semifinals of the Erste League!”

Before the start of the new season, our team coach gave an interview for the blog “jegkorongblog.hu”.

We also retrieve the statements of Julius Penzes for our fans:

“We started the preparations relatively early with the local players.

At first we worked on land, then, from August, we trained on ice. The foreign players have gradually joined and now we have six such players under contract.

I hope we achieve what we set out to do. Now we’re working on our game tactics. As it is known, we have replaced all foreign players and based on what we have seen so far I am satisfied with the selection of new players.

The national championship will be at a better level than the previous seasons.

Better players have arrived at the Romanian teams and they will help to increase the championship level.

And the Erste League will be better and more balanced this season.

Last season we left the league in quarters but this season I would like at least a semi-final but – why not? – we could go even further.

I trust native players, they are constantly improving their game.

I think we will have a good team, in which each one has a well defined role.

It is hard to predict who could win the Erste League.

All teams are balanced and it is not known who will have the “winning” card.