Live Streaming – Terms and Conditions

This regulation, together with the documents mentioned therein, establishes the Terms of Use (Terms of Use) in which the Live Streaming service of the Hockey Matches from the Brasov Olympic Ice-Hockey Championships can be used exclusively through the website, further defined as – the Site.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the site. By using this site and purchasing Live Streaming packages, you agree to agree to the Terms of Service and agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not continue using Live Streaming or

The live streaming service offered exclusively through the site is managed by S.C. Web Grafix S.R.L. with the agreement of ASC Corona Brasov “Wolves” and Brasov Sports Infrastructure Administration.

1. Terms of use may be modified at any time by amending this Regulation. Please check this page periodically to find out any changes, which are mandatory. Some of the provisions of this Regulation may be replaced by provisions or notifications published elsewhere on the Site or other internal regulations or regulations governing the use of the Site.

2. The following clauses determine the conditions in which you have access to the Site and the Live Streaming service, apply to all those who use the Site and the Live Streaming services.

3. You will not be able to use the Site and / or the Content in any other way than the purpose for which access was granted and in any way violating any local, national or international law or regulation;

4. It is forbidden to distribute and / or grant it to your account content and to the Live Streaming package you have purchased to third parties, each purchased package being intended only for the person who purchased it.
4.1 Live Streaming License purchased for each broadcast match is valid for 1 device and 1 person.
4.2 It is forbidden to distribute or play the Live Streaming service in any public or private space where more than one person participates.
4.3 Distributing or granting access to third parties results in blocking access to Live Streaming content, blocking access to the site, and excluding the right to withdraw / return under art. 8 of this Regulation.

5. The official email address for submitting questions and technical issues or payments related to the Live Streaming service is:
No other contact method is accepted for resolving any questions or requests related to the Live Streaming service and no responses or support will be provided through other contact methods.

6. Buying Live Streaming Packages: Before every home match, where there will be a Live Streaming service available, you will be able to buy an individual Live Streaming package valid only during that match.
6.1 Each individual Live Streaming package comes with the download / instant access option of the unique Live Streaming link, limited to 3 downloads / page access. This limit is imposed for the elimination of situations when the personal link and access to the personal account is offered to third parties, see point 4. After spending the 3 downloads / accesses of the single Live Streaming page, the user will no longer be allowed to watch the Live Streaming page.
6.2 In exceptional cases, when from technical situations that can not be attributed to the user, the single Live Streaming page is accessed more than 3 times, the user can send an email to the contact address of the art. 5 to request a viewing exception. But we did not guarantee the exception.

7. Payment is made exclusively through the PayPal platform – using the available options (credit card or PayPal credit) – the prices are expressed in EUR – the currency conversion for 15 RON – equivalent to the price of an entrance ticket to the home matches at the Brasov Olympic Skating Rink.
7.1 The price does not include any fees charged by the PayPal payment processor, the financial institution issuing the credit card or the bank to which it belongs to the customer. Please inform you in advance about the costs of payments through this processor.

Return Policy: Packages bought by Live Streaming are NOT RETURNED.
8.1 Immediately after the payment for Live Streaming packages has been completed, the user receives instant access to the single Live Streaming page, so immediately after payment, purchased services are delivered to the end user and are considered consumed.
8.2 Consumed digital goods are no longer entitled to withdraw in accordance with Government Ordinance no. 34/204, Art. 16.
8.3 Users who are denied the right to withdraw / return and appeal directly to PayPal return / withdrawal will be permanently blocked from viewing the site and Live Streams in the future.

9. We do not respond and do not provide technical support for customer equipment, poor customer internet connection, incompatibility with Live Streaming systems, any other malfunction or technical problem not directly related to the service Live Streaming on can not guarantee any quality or time standard for live streaming service, it differs depending on the technical conditions, the duration of the match or the factual conditions on the ice rink.

10. The Live Streaming service may have a tolerated delay, depending on the performance of the user’s Internet service, from 1 second to 90 seconds, a tolerated delay that is not considered a technical problem.

11. All trademarks and logos displayed and broadcast through the Live Streaming service are owned by the rightful owners.

12. We reserve the right to restrict individual or group access to current or future Live Streaming services and not to provide details of the facts / information that led to the decision to restrict access to Live Streaming services or the website.

13. The organizer and manager of the Live Streaming service is not responsible for what is happening in the Brasov Olympic Skating Hall or any obscene or violent manifestations broadcast on Live Streaming content.