Our striker Radim Valchar was chosen “player of the week” in the Erste League.


Radim, who plays in the first line of attack of our team, together with the captain of the Romanian national team 🇷🇴Roberto Gliga and the Slovak striker 🇸🇰Tomas Klempa, has managed 7 points in the last three games in the Erste League:

✓on November 21, he scored the decisive goal in the 1-0 victory against the Hungarian team FTC Telekom, the “en-tittre” champion of the last two seasons of the Erste League;

✓ on November 23, he managed two goals and a goal pass for his teammate Tomas Klempa in the 8-3 victory against the Hungarian team Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák;

✓on November 24, he managed three goal passes, one for Tomas Klempa, Roberto Gliga and Josh McFadden in the 5-1 victory against the Hungarian team Titanok.

In total, in the 8 games in the league, he managed a number of 16 points, fully contributing to the 7 victories of our team. 🔝

Thanks, Radim! We are proud of you!

Below is a short interview given by the player to the official website of the Erste League on this occasion:

– Brașov started the season very well, what is the secret?

“We have an excellent group! Everyone’s goal is to work hard and win games. We can say that is the secret to success.”

– And you have already managed to collect many points and the line in which you play gives results. How could you homogenize so quickly?

“The goal is to communicate a lot with each other and if someone has a problem together we find a solution. I really like that I play in this line.”

– Why is the Brașov team capable this season?

“The hunger for victories is great, we want to win the league.”

– For this goal in which direction do you have to evolve?

“Not just in sports, but in any direction we can improve and evolve. We work every day to become better.”

– Not long after, you will also meet your former team, Miercurea Ciuc. What will that game be like for you?

“If I ever cared about this, as it will be, I got to the point where I don’t care about this anymore. I look forward to every game with the same emotion, regardless of the opponent.”

– How is the level in the Erste League this season compared to previous seasons?

“The league is getting better every season. The young players in the league are evolving a lot, they skate better, they handle the club better. But this is not the only thing that happens to us, and the other championships have grown in recent years. when very good new players are legitimized, it’s normal for the competition to get even better. “