Our team wins 3 points from the “double” in Galați and wins the regular season of the national championship.

This weekend, our team played, in Galați, the last two games of the regular season of the national ice hockey championship.

The “Wolves” needed only 2 points from these two games to win the regular season.

If they gave up yesterday, today our team managed to win in regular time and collect 3 points in the standings, reaching 61 points.

Yesterday our team lost with the score of 1-2 (0-0, 1-0, 1-0), for our team scoring Ben Wilson (in the minute 59’46 “).

Today the “wolves” got their revenge, winning with the score of 2-1.
For our team scored Carlo Finucci (in minute 05’59 “- assisted by Daniel Trancă) and Daniel Trancă (in minute 25’22” – assisted by Radim Valchar and Tomas Klempa).

For the “wolves”, the semifinal of the national championship will follow next week (which they will most likely play against the ACSH Gheorgheni team).

The semifinal will be decided in the “best of five games” system.